Corresponding Section Numbers in Editions of the Doctrine and Covenants

The most important Joseph Smith–era sources for studying the texts and the textual history of Joseph Smith’s revelations are Revelation Book 1, a manuscript compilation of revelations created circa March 1831 to July 1835; Revelation Book 2, a manuscript compilation created circa February 1832 to circa November 1834; The Evening and the Morning Star (1832–1833), a church newspaper that published a number of Joseph Smith’s revelations; the Book of Commandments (1833), the first compilation of Joseph Smith’s revelations; Evening and Morning Star (1835–1836), an edited reprint of the earlier newspaper; the first edition of the Doctrine and Covenants (1835), an expanded compilation; and the second edition of the Doctrine and Covenants (1844). For more information about these sources and the textual history of Joseph Smith’s revelations, consult the first two volumes of the Revelations and Translations series.
In annotation in The Joseph Smith Papers, source citations identify revelations by their original date and by a citation of the version most relevant to the particular instance of annotation, which is generally one of the versions identified in the preceding paragraph. (Occasionally, a citation may reference a Joseph Smith–era version of a revelation other than the versions identified above, such as a loose manuscript copy or a version published in a non-Mormon newspaper.) The following table is provided to help readers refer from the cited version of a revelation to other versions of the same revelation.
The table includes revelations announced by Joseph Smith—plus letters, records of visions, articles, minutes, and other items, some of which were authored by other individuals—that were copied into Revelation Book 1 or Revelation Book 2, or that were published in the Book of Commandments or Doctrine and Covenants in or before 1844, the year of Smith’s death. The table also includes material originating with Joseph Smith published in the Doctrine and Covenants after 1844. Such later-canonized material includes, for example, extracts of Joseph Smith’s 20 March 1839 letter written from the jail in Liberty, Missouri. These extracts, first canonized in 1876, are currently found in sections 121 through 123 of the Latter-day Saint edition of the Doctrine and Covenants.
The 1835 and 1844 editions of the Doctrine and Covenants included a series of lectures on the subject of faith, which constituted part 1 of the volume. Only part 2, the compilation of revelations and other items, is represented in the table.
Some material was significantly revised after its initial publication in the canon. For instance, the revelation in chapter 28 of the Book of Commandments included twice as much material when it was republished in the Doctrine and Covenants in 1835. As another example, chapter 65 of the Book of Commandments stops abruptly before the end of the revelation because publication of the volume was disrupted; the revelation was not published in its entirety until 1835. These and other changes of greater or lesser significance are not accounted for in the table.
The far left column of the table gives the standard date of each item, based on careful study of original sources. The “standard date” is the date a revelation was originally dictated or recorded. If that date is ambiguous or unknown, the standard date is the best approximation of the date, based on existing evidence. The standard date provides a way to identify each item and situate it chronologically with other documents, but it cannot be assumed that every date corresponds to the day an item was first dictated or recorded. In some cases, an item may have been recorded without a date notation. It is also possible that a few items were first dictated on a date other than the date surviving manuscripts bear. The dates found in this table were assigned based on all available evidence, including later attempts by Joseph Smith and his contemporaries to recover date, place, and circumstances.
Where surviving sources provide conflicting information about dating, editorial judgment has been exercised to select the most likely date (occasionally only an approximate month), based on the most reliable sources. In cases in which two or more items bear the same date, they have been listed in the order in which they most likely originated, and a letter of the alphabet has been appended, providing each item a unique editorial title (for example, Oct. 1830–A or Oct. 1830–B). Information on dating issues will accompany publication of these items in the Documents series.
The second and third columns indicate the manuscript page numbers for each item that appears in Revelation Book 1 or Revelation Book 2. Because Revelation Book 1 is missing several leaves, it is impossible to give inclusive page ranges for some items. In such cases, the beginning page number can be determined from an index written in the original manuscript book, and this number is marked with an asterisk (*).
The fourth column shows the date an item was published in The Evening and the Morning Star. The date given is the date of the issue in which the item was published as a separate document (either completely or in extracted form); issues in which the item was only quoted in editorial matter are not included. Similarly, the sixth column provides the date an item was published in Evening and Morning Star, the edited Ohio reprint of the earlier Missouri periodical.
The fifth column and the seventh through tenth columns provide the number of the chapter (in the case of the Book of Commandments) or section (in the case of editions of the Doctrine and Covenants) in which the item was published in one or more of five different canonical editions, the first three of which were initiated by Joseph Smith.
Key to column titles
RB1: Revelation Book 1
RB2: Revelation Book 2
Star: The Evening and the Morning Star
1833: Book of Commandments
EMS: Evening and Morning Star
1835: Doctrine and Covenants, 1835 edition, part 2
1844: Doctrine and Covenants, 1844 edition, part 2
1981/2013: Doctrine and Covenants, 1981 and 2013 editions, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
2004: Doctrine and Covenants, 2004 edition, Community of Christ
21 Sept. 18232
July 18281–22303032
Feb. 18292–33313144
Mar. 18293*4323255
Apr. 1829–A5*58866
Spring 18298–1293636103
Apr. 1829–B12–137343488
Apr. 1829–C13–146333377
Apr. 1829–D14–158353599
15 May 182913
May 1829–A15*1037371110
May 1829–B1138381211
June 1829–A17*1239391412
June 1829–B18*1543431816
June 1829–C20*1340401513
June 1829–D21*1441411614
June 182921–25
June 1829–E25*119–12042421715
ca. Summer 182925–281644441918
ca. Early 183030–31
ca. Apr. 183052–58June 1832, June 183324Jan. 1835, June 1836222017
6 Apr. 183028–292246462119
Apr. 1830–A291745:145:123:1–221:1
Apr. 1830–B291845:245:223:321:2
Apr. 1830–C29–301945:345:323:421:3
Apr. 1830–D302045:445:423:521:4
Apr. 1830–E302145:545:523:6–721:5
16 Apr. 183032June 18322347472220
July 1830–A32–3425992423
July 1830–B342749492625
July 1830–C34–352648482524
ca. Aug. 183035–36Mar. 183328May 183650502726
Sept. 1830–A36–40Sept. 183229Apr. 183510102928
Sept. 1830–B40–413051512827
Sept. 1830–C423152:152:130:1–429:1
Sept. 1830–D423252:252:230:5–829:2
Sept. 1830–E433352:352:330:9–1129:3
Sept. 1830–F43–443453533130
Oct. 1830–A83–8454543231
Oct. 1830–B44–453555553332
4 Nov. 183045–463656563433
7 Dec. 183046–483711113534
9 Dec. 183048–493857573635
30 Dec. 1830493958583737
183060–6194–95, 11773747474
2 Jan. 183149–52Jan. 183340Apr. 183612123838
5 Jan. 183158–604159593939
6 Jan. 1831604260604040
4 Feb. 183161–6293–944361614141
9 Feb. 183162–67July 183244Feb. 183513:1–1913:1–1942:1–7342:1–19
Feb. 1831–A67–70Oct. 183245June 183514144343
Feb. 1831–B70–714662624444
23 Feb. 183167117–118July 183247Feb. 183513:21–23, 2013:21–23, 2042:78–93, 74–7742:21–23, 20
ca. 7 Mar. 183171–76June 183248Jan. 183515154545
ca. 8 Mar. 1831–A76–78Aug. 183249Mar. 183516164646
ca. 8 Mar. 1831–B79–8012–135063634747
10 Mar. 1831795164644848
7 May 183180–82Nov. 183252Sept. 183565654949
9 May 183182–85Aug. 183253Mar. 183517175050
15 May 18318591–92
20 May 183186–8787–8923235151
6 June 183187–895466665252
8 June 183189–905566675353
10 June 183190–915667685454
14 June 1831915768695555
15 June 183191–935869705656
20 July 183193–9489–9127275757
1 Aug. 183194–985918185858
7 Aug. 183198–100July 183260Feb. 183519195959
8 Aug. 1831100–1016170716060
12 Aug. 1831101–103Dec. 183262Apr. 183671726161
13 Aug. 18311046372736262
30 Aug. 1831104–108Feb. 183364May 183620206363
11 Sept. 1831108–1116521216464
29 Oct. 1831111–11295–9774756666
30 Oct. 183111287Sept. 1832Apr. 183524246565
1 Nov. 1831–A113–114Oct. 1832June 183522226868
1 Nov. 1831–B125–127Mar. 18331May 18361111
ca. 2 Nov. 1831 (Testimony)121
ca. 2 Nov. 1831114–11525256767
3 Nov. 1831116–121; 1–[6] (appendix)May 1833June 1836100108133108
11 Nov. 1831–A12228286969
11 Nov. 1831–B122–12384–863 (partial)3 (partial)107 (partial)104 (partial)
12 Nov. 1831124–12526267070
1 Dec. 1831134[a]11–1290917171
4 Dec. 1831–A13213Dec. 1832Apr. 183689:1–290:1–272:1–872:1–2
4 Dec. 1831–B133–134[a]13–15Dec. 1832Apr. 183689:3–490:3–472:9–2372:3–4
4 Dec. 1831–C134[a]15Dec. 1832Apr. 183689:590:572:24–2672:5
10 Jan. 1832146–14729297373
25 Jan. 1832–A 129–131 87:1–388:1–375:1–2275:1–3
25 Jan. 1832–B131–132 87:4–588:4–575:23–3675:4–5
16 Feb. 1832135[a]–1391–10July 1832Feb. 183591927676
27 Feb. 183210
1 Mar. 1832145–14615–1775767877
7 Mar. 183214718–1977788079
12 Mar. 18321471276777978
15 Mar. 1832139–14017–1879808180
Between ca. 4 and ca. 20 Mar. 1832 141–14477
Between ca. 4 and ca. 20 Mar. 1832 144
20 Mar. 183214819
26 Apr. 1832128–12986878281
30 Apr. 183213293Jan. 1833Apr. 183688898382
29 Aug. 183214819–2078799996
22–23 Sept. 1832149–15620–31448483
27 Nov. 183285
6 Dec. 183217731–32668684
25 Dec. 1832157; 202–20332–3387
27–28 Dec. 1832158–16633–46Feb. 1833May 18367:1–387:1–3888:1–12685:1–38
3 Jan. 1833166–16747–48Mar. 1833May 18367:39–467:39–4688:127–14185:39–46
27 Feb. 1833167–16849–5180818986
8 Mar. 1833168–17051–5584859087
9 Mar. 18335592939188
15 Mar. 18335593949289
6 May 1833178–18156–5982839390
1 June 1833181–18259–6095969592
4 June 1833182–18360–6196979693
2 Aug. 1833–A171–17261–6481829794
2 Aug. 1833–B172–17364–6683849491
6 Aug. 1833173–17766–7185869895
12 Oct. 183371–72949510097
16–17 Dec. 1833 183–18973–83979810198
17 Feb. 1834202 (heading only)111–1155510299
24 Feb. 1834189–192108–111101103100
23 Apr. 1834192–198100–1079899104101
28 Apr. 1834198111
22 June 1834199–20197–100102105102
25 Nov. 183411699100106103
Between ca. 1 Mar. and ca. 4 May 183533107104
ca. Aug. 1835 (”Marriage”)101109111
ca. Aug. 1835 (”Of Governments and Laws in General”)102110134112
26 Dec. 1835108
21 Jan. 1836137
27 Mar. 1836109
3 Apr. 1836110
6 Aug. 1836111
23 July 1837104112105
Mar. 1838113
11 Apr. 1838114
26 Apr. 1838115
19 May 1838116
8 July 1838–A118
8 July 1838–C107119106
8 July 1838–D120
8 July 1838–E117
20 Mar. 1839121–123
19 Jan. 1841[103]124107
ca. Mar. 1841125
9 July 1841126
1 Sept. 1842105127109
7 Sept. 1842106128110
9 Feb. 1843129
2 Apr. 1843130
16–17 May 1843131
12 July 1843132