History Draft [6 August 1838–30 December 1839]

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Apil 9, 1839. arrive at— Sheriff Wm Morgan, , John Page, Wm. Bowman were the guard. got drunk [illegible] with us in prison.—— and one of the <​grnd​> juy <​Michael Hany​>,— Jury all drunk & Judge, too.
<​10​> Wednesday. Examind witnesses all day <​before the grnd Jury​>,— was one.— was not permtted to give his testimoy, guard went home <​​>
<​11​> Thuday. examnd .— old guard Col . was guard. & Blakesly.— After had given his testimoy, Blakesly come in and said he wanted to spoke to him he walked out round the end of the houses, when Blakesly cried out God Dam you, you damd old mormn I’ll kill you, & struk at with his fist, then with a club. took the club & thew it over the fnce. There were 10 of the compny who come at . the Deputy Sheriff was one of them, who went at to kill him, but he told them he could kill the whole of them at one blow a apiece & drove them all, The grad Jury & court stood and saw the affray, & heard the mob threaten s life. by all the othes they could invent, by <​but​> took no cognicance of it. The 10 mobbers went home after their guns to shoot . <​Bill the grand jury found a bill for muder Treason. Burglary. arson— Theft & stealing ves. . , , & myelf—​>
<​12​> Friday. In the some time in the night I awoke and told him that the Lord had showed me how I should, get away & how he could get safe home.— that if he would rise early and not wait for the Judge & Lawyes as he had contemplatd and ride briskly, he would get safe home almost before he was aware of it & if he did not, the mob would shoot him on the way. started at daylight, & before 9. A M he was in , while the mobbers pursud him to kill him but did not overtake him. [8 lines blank]
[8 lines blank]
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