Journal, 1832–1834

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Page 22
the man who willeth to do well  we should extall his virtues  and speak not of his faults  behind his back a man w ho willfuly turneth away from  his friend without a cause  is not lightly <easily> to be fogiven <forgiven.>   the kindness of a man <should> is never  to be forgotten that person  who never forsaketh his trus t should ever have the hi ghest place for regard in  our hearts and our love shou ld never fail but incr ease more and more and  this my disposition and  sentiment &c Amen [p. 22]
The man who willeth to do well, we should extol his virtues and speak not of his faults behind his back . A man who willfully turneth away from his friend without a cause is not easily forgiven. The kindness of a man should never be forgotten . That person who never forsaketh his trust should ever have the highest place for regard in our hearts, and our love should never fail but increase more and more, and this is my disposition and sentiment , etc. Amen. [p. 22]
Page 22