Peterson, Ziba


Ca. 1810–1849. Teacher, farmer, law officer. Born in New York. Lived in Macedon, Wayne Co., New York, ca. 1830. Baptized into LDS church. Ordained an elder, by 9 June 1830. Served mission to Ohio and Missouri, 1830–1831. Stripped of office of elder, Aug. 1831, at Jackson Co., Missouri. Married Rebecca Hopper, 11 Aug. 1831, at Clay Township, Lafayette Co., Missouri. Reordained an elder by Lyman Wight, 2 Oct. 1832, in Missouri. Excommunicated, by 25 June 1833, in Missouri. Resided in Lafayette Co., 1840. In 1848, moved to Dry Diggins (later Hangtown), California, where he served as sheriff, 1848–1849. Died at Hangtown (later Placerville, El Dorado Co.).