Blue Township
Jackson County
United States of America
Alternate Names
Store, Independence, Missouri

Gilbert and Whitney store, Independence, Missouri


JS revelation, dated 20 July 1831, directed A. Sidney Gilbert, Newel K. Whitney’s Ohio business partner, to establish store in Independence. Gilbert first purchased vacated log courthouse, located on lot 59 at intersection of Lynn and Lexington Streets, to serve as store, 20 Feb. 1832. Later Gilbert attached brick addition, which functioned as actual store, with Gilbert family living in log structure. Second property and building, located on lot 51 at northwest corner of Lexington and Liberty streets, purchased by Gilbert and Whitney, 19 Nov. 1832. Most goods obtained through Newel K. Whitney & Co. store in Kirtland, Ohio. Functioned as store and central gathering place for Saints, as well as storehouse for consecrated property and provisions for Saints. Closed by mob, 20 July 1833. Mob broke windows and split open doors of store, stealing and scattering goods in street, 1 Nov. 1833. Gilbert family abandoned store and fled to Clay Co., 13 Nov. 1833. Store reportedly reopened by Missouri proprietor, by 1834.