Agreement with Daniel C. Davis, 21 October 1839

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This article of agreement had, made and agreed upon, by and between Joseph Smith Jr (Treasurer of the ) of The Town of — Hancock County State of Illinois— of the first part— And of the Town of — Iowa Territory of the second part—
Witnesseth— That the party of the second part— for and in Consideration of the sum of Thirty dollars to him to be paid per month— doth hereby bind himself to take charge of— and attend to in all particulars— The Ferry owned by said Church— And Situated betwixt the said abovementioned Towns— Viz: To hire and keep up a sufficient set of hands for all necessary boats which may be required on said ferry— hire horses if necessary— provide the Ferry horses with proper and sufficient supplies of provender— and see that all the boats belonging to said ferry as well as all horses and apparatus belonging thereto be carefully and properly seen to and used by the hands under his directions. That the Boats be kept in proper repair and always in readiness to accommodate the public without any unnecessary delay on the part of those to whom the respective craft used on said ferry may be intrusted. And in fine see to and keep in good and proper regulation, (as far as in his power) all the apparatus as well as the business of said ferry— And all this on account of and at the expence of the said party of the first part— And subject always to his control and directions— or to the Control and directions of his deputy or deputies which may at any time be appointed by the said party of the first part to act in his absence— touching said ferry and the superintendence thereof.— Also— To make returns of— and account for weekly [p. [1]] each Saturday night from the date hereof all monies— recieved and expended by him— The party of the second part— unto the said party of the First part— or unto such deputy or deputies as may be by him appointed— and to deliver into his or their hands all moneys which he have on hands, and obtained by him for ferriage on said Ferry.— And Also to lay before the of Said a true and correct statement of the proceeds— And expenditure of said ferry— on the evening of the last day of each month from the date hereof— And lastly to use all proper vigilance in order that that the rights and privileges of the owners of said Ferry be not tresspassed upon by the owners of Craft upon the — And in case of trespass to report the same immediately upon its coming to his knowledge— to the party of the first part or his deputy or deputies— or to some member of the above mentioned High Council—
And— The said party of the first part hereby binds himself (on behalf of said Church) to pay unto the said party of the second part— The sum of Thirty dollars per month in Consideration of the above mentioned services—
This Contract and agreement to be binding on the said contracting parties for the space of Twelve months from the date hereof and no longer unless renewed by mutual consent and agreement.— In Witness [p. [2]] whereof— We have hereunto set our hands and seals this Twenty first day of October, One thousand Eight hundred and thirty nine.—
Joseph Smith Jr LS
Witness Present—
23rd 21st Octr 1839—— [p. [3]]
<​Article of Agreement between J Smith Jr & ​> [p. [4]]


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    The Nauvoo high council appointed JS as “treasurer in the business of said Church” on 21 October 1839. (Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 21 Oct. 1839, 25.)  

    Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 1839–1845. CHL. LR 3102 22.

  2. 2

    The high council set this wage during its 21 October 1839 meeting. (Nauvoo High Council Minutes, draft, 21 Oct. 1839.)  

    Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 1839–1845. Draft. CHL.

  3. 3

    Although it is unknown what the ferriage was for a trip between Montrose and Commerce, the following rates were established at Fort Madison, Iowa Territory, in 1838: passengers traveling by foot were charged 12½ cents, people riding on horseback were charged 37½ cents, and wagons were charged 1 dollar with an added cost of 25 cents for each additional horse or yoke of oxen. Livestock was ferried at the rate of 12½ cents per head of cattle and 6¼ cents per sheep or hog. (History of Lee County, Iowa, 438.)  

    The History of Lee County, Iowa, Containing a History of the County, Its Cities, Towns, &c., a Biographical Directory of Citizens. . . . Chicago: Western Historical Co., 1879.

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    Signatures of JS and Daniel C. Davis.  

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    TEXT: Both instances of “LS” (locus sigilli, Latin for “location of the seal”) are inscribed within hand-drawn representations of seals.  

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    Docket in the handwriting of James Mulholland.