Bill from William Law, 5 July 1842

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<​See below​> <​Entitled An Ordinance in relation to Writs of .—​>
<​Sec. 1.​> Be it <​and it is hereby​> ordained by the City Council of the City of that no Citizen of this<​this​> City of , Shall be taken out of the by any writ, without the privilege of investigation before the Municipal Court, and the benefit of <​a writ of​> Habeus Corpus, as granted in the Seventhenth Section of the Charter of this ,
Be it understood that this ordinance is enacted for the protection of the citizens of this , that they may in all cases have the rights of trial in this , and not be su[b]jected to illegal process by their Enemies,
<​Sec. 2.— This ord[inan]ce​> to take effect <​and be in force​> from & after its passage.— passed July 5th. 1842.
Joseph Smith, Mayor.—
, Recorder.—
<​rules dispensed with, & adopted by vote, July 5th. 1842.​> [p. [1]]
July 5th. 1842.—
Ordce in Relation to Writs of .— [p. [2]]


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