Deed from Jacob Remick, 1 September 1842–B

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<​& wife​> To Joseph Smith
Know all men by these presents that I of and for and in consideration of the sum of twenty thousand dollars to me in hand paid by Joseph Smith of the City of and state of hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain sell and forever quit claim unto the said Joseph Smith and his heirs and assigns the undivided half part in common of all the right, title and estate in and to all lands improvements and possessions which I the <​before​> said owns or claims to own in the situated between the rivers and for which was reserved in a treaty made between the and the Sac and Fox Nations or tribes of Indians in the year A. D. 1834 reserving the same for the Half Breeds of said nations or tribes of Indians and meaning and intending hereby to sell and convey the undivided half in common of all the lands improvements buildings possessions and rights of every kind which I own or claim to own within said Tract either in law or equity which I hold by virtue of a deed from to me bearing date January 30th A. D. 1842 which is recorded in the clerks office of said county of at in deed book No. 3. on pages 178— 179— 180, to which reference is here made also one undivided half part in common of all my right and title claim to the [p. 450] Town of and the possessions and improvements of every kind within said Town which I hold or claim to hold by virtue of ’s deed aforesaid, excepting and reserving therefrom the following pieces lots and parcels herein after described and named (to wit) Lot No. Six (6) in Block four (4) which is conveyed to James Lewis, also, Lots No. five and six (5 & 6) in Block five (5) also, Block No. (2) two which is conveyed to John Hillis, also, Block No. twelve (12) and thirteen (13) also lot no. (1) one in Block five (5) also lots no. (1) and (2) two in Block (3) three, also reserving from said s sale to me two whole portions or claims to my own proper use or disposal, and it is hereby <​mutually​> understood by the parties to this deed, that this deed of conveyance has nothing to do with and is no part of the property described in the deed from John Hillis to me bearing date 26th day of March A.D. 1842, which is recorded in the clerks office at in deed book No. 3, page 298.
To have and to hold the above described property and their appurtenances unto the said Joseph Smith and his heirs and assigns forever in as full a manner as I the said have by virtue of the aforesaid ’s deed to me and I the said for me and my heirs hereby covenant to and with the said Joseph Smith and his heirs and assigns that there has been no prior conveyance made by me of the aforesaid premises or any part or parcel thereof and that I the said and my heirs will warrant and forever defend the above named premises against the lawful claims and demands of all persons claiming by, through, or under me or them and no more and Hannah [Shaw] Remick wife of the said for the consideration aforesaid doth hereby release and relinquish unto the said Joseph Smith and his heir’s and assigns all her right and title to dower in the before granted premises.
In testimony whereof we the said and Hannah Remick have hereunto set our hands and seals this first day September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-two.
Hannah Remick seal
In presents of
James Lewis
Iowa Territory) ss
Be it remembered that on this twelfth day of September A.D. 1842, personally appeared and Hannah his wife before me a notary public in and for said , being known to me to be the same individuals who executed the foregoing deed and acknowledged to me that they executed the same and Hannah Remick wife of the said on a private examination separate and apart from her said acknowledged to me that she executed the same without any fear or compulsion of her said .
Notary Public
<​Filed for record Sept. 27th 1842, at 2 o’clock P M. Recorded Oct 5, 1842 at 12 O’clock PM.​> [p. 451]