Discourse, 27 February 1835–B, as Reported by William E. McLellin

Document Transcript

They are the twelve apostles who are called to a travelling to preside over all the churches of the saints among the gentiles when there is no presidency established. They are to travel and preach among the until the Lord shall shall command them to go to the Jews. They are to hold this the of this ministry— to unlock the door of the kingdom of heaven unto all nations and preach the Gospel unto every creation. This is the virtue powr and authority of their Amen. It is all important that the twelve should understand the power and authority of [p. 3] the , for without this knowledge they can do nothing to profit. In the first place God manifested himself to me and gave me authority to establish his , and you have received your authority from God through me; and now it is your duty to go and unlock the kingdom of heaven to foreign nations, for no man can do that thing but yourselves. Neither has any man authority or a right to go to other nations before you; and you, , stand in the same relation to those nations that I stand in to you, that is, as a minister; and you have each the same authority in other nations that I have in this nation. [p. 4]