Discourse, 30 June 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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By how do you do.— I meet you with a he[a]rt full of gratitude to almig[h]ty god. I am well. hearty. strong as a giant.— while I was on the road I pulled up the st[r]ongest man. then they got 2 men & th[e]y could not pull me up. I have pulled mentalley till I have pulld here.—
There has been a great excitemnt in the country.— I have been cool & dispassionate through all. thank god I am now a prisoner in the hands of the Municipal [p. [275]] court. & not of a Missourian
It was not so much my object to tell my afflictions &c & as to speak of the . so that the mi[n]ds of all may be corr[e]cted & know & publish that we have all power.— there is a secret. the city has all power that the courts have. given by the same authority the Legislature . . . I want you to hear o Israel this day. if this power is not suffi[cie]nt we will claim the higher power. the constituti[o]n of the & the .— I have dragged him here by our [p. [276]] hand. & will do it again but I will Swear I will never deal so mildly again.
Be cool be deliberate.— be wise, and when you pull do it with sweepstakes.— my lot has alwasy [always] be[e]n cast among the warm[e]st kind of people
The time has come when the viel [veil] is torn of[f] from this state. & let us mingle with the people of I. should have been torn <​from​> with the expen[s]e of life & blood if I had asked
I brought them prisoners. and committed them as prisoners not of chai[n]s but of kindness to her from whom I was torn [p. [277]]
There no doubt I shall be discharged. by the cou[r]t the writs are good for nothing. without form & void.— before I will be dragged again away among my enemies. for trial I will spill the la[s]t drop of blood in my veins. see all my enemies to hell.— shall we bear it any longer— & one Universal NO. ran through all th[e] va[s]t assembly like on[e] vast peal of thunder
I wish all the lawyer who says we have no powers in may be choked [p. [278]] to death with his own words dont employ my Lawye[r]s for their knowledge for I know more than y[ou] all.
Go ye into all the wor[l]d preach the gospel. & he that bel[i]eveth in our charterd right may come here & be saved. & he does not shall remain in ignoranc[e].
one spindle shanked circu[i]t Judg[e]— & several fat men—
I have converted to the truth of .
I got here by law write writ that Just as it should be.
in the midst of all you[r] [p. [279]] indignati[o]n. use not the hand of violince. for I have pledgd my honor.— will you all support my honor. YES. <​universal,​> by the audinc [audience]. I have proof of your attachment.
when oppressi[o]n arises again I have lear[ne]d. we ne[e]d [not] suffer as we have. we can call othe[r]s to our aid. Shall the prophecy of of our enemies. “we will establish our religin by the sword” be true? No.
If the Missouin [Missourians] opp[r]ess us more I this day turn the key by au[tho]rity of the Holy Pri[e]sthood. [p. [280]] turn the Key unlock the door & restr[a]in you not rise up and defend yourselves—
always act up[o]n the defenc[e] but if your enemies oppiress you the 2d & 3. time. let it come. & roar like thunder. & you shall stand forth. clear before the tribunal if any citize[n]s of deny our right— let them go to hell and be damnd.— I give up my charte[re]d right at the sword and bayonets.
Legislatur like the. boy dad[d]y Daddy I have sold my Jackknife got che[a]ted. & want to get it back again. [p. [281]]
what can mobocrats do in the midst of Kirkpatrickites.— no better. than a hu[n]ter being in a bears claw. What could we do with them. dung our Garden with them. we dont want any excitement. but after we have done all.— rise up & break off the hellish yoke.— like Washington. day before I was taken I rode th[r]ough & I said to my . I said good people here <​I was their prisoner ne[x]t day​> .—— said By God we have got the prophet. now.
I am prisnr [prisoner] to a hig[h]er court than circuit court,
defen[d] yoursefs [yourselves]— says a law in [p. [282]] our Charter. powe[r]s.— same charter says. city Municipal cou[r]t. has power to enact all laws—— &c dangerous power. because it will protect, the innocent, & put down Mobo[c]rats,— constituti[o]n of say[s] “Habeus Corbus [] shall not be denied.” Deny me the right of H. Corpus & I will. fight with gu[n]s swo[r]d cann[on] behind & thunder till I am used up. like the Killkeny [Kilkenny] Cats. we have more power becau[s]e we have power to go behind the writ. & try th[e] merits of the case. [p. [283]]
I ask in the name of J. Crist [Jesus Christ] and all that is sacred that I may have your lives & all to carry out the freedom wh[i]ch is chated [chartered] to us.— will you all help me all ha[n]ds were up.—
shall be persecutd for the nam[e’]s sake—
when at . refu[se]d an intevew [interview] with a lawyer. <​tur[ne]d. out door threatnd my life,​> old gray he[a]ded man— ri◊◊d his in ri◊◊d his [illegible]. came with .— & I had Lawyrs &c. en[o]ugh—— <​writ for ​> damge [damages]— assut [assault] & Battery.—
<​Wasp​> got up to go [p. [284]] to ottawa 32. miles . thut [thrust] out all but . — sent. Mr [James] Campbell— to my rescue— & came & slept by me.
Morning certain men w[a]nted to see Mr Smith. they would not let me an old man come to talk. Missourian, interupted. stand off you puke. Mr Smith we have a committe[e] in .— a cou[r]t from whence there is no appeal.—
my libert[i]es began fr[o]m that hour they lost their pistols.—— came came d[i]rect to .—
when th[e]y began to susp[e]ct we wer comi[n]g th[e]y remonstratd Bro Grover came. [p. [285]] [pages [286]–[287] blank] [p. [286]] [p. [287]]
Hosanna. D[itt]o. Do. to Almig[h]ty God who hath delive[re]d us thus fr[o]m out of th[e] 7 troubl[e]s. 6.25 [p.m.]—
(. was introduced as a body of people. the greatest dupes that ever were.— or he is not as big a rouge [rogue] as he is supposed to be.— 1/4 to 7)
Joseph. I told I would not discuss the subj[e]ct of religin with you. I understa[n]d the gospel. & you do not. you undestad [understand] Law I do not [p. [288]]
if the Legislatur have g[r]anted . the right of &c— it is no more than they ought to have done.— or more than our fathers fought for.
I swear in the name of Almig[h]ty God. with uplifted hand the Legislatur shall never take away our rights I[’]ll spill my hea[r]ts blood fi[r]st.— [p. [290]]