Discourse, 6 August 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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preached. on testimony. after Sermon. Joseph (for he came to the soon after commencd.) said he would preach his sermon next sunday he was not able to day.— would speak of another subject.— the Election he was above the kingdoms— of the world for he broke no laws.—
I have not come to tell <​you​> to vote this way. that way. or the other.
in relation to national matters I want it to [go] abr[o]ad to the whole wo[r]ld. that every man should [p. [32]] stand on his own merits. the Lord has not given me Revelati[o]n conc[e]rning politics.— I have not asked the Lord for it.— I am a third party stand independnt and alone— I desire to see all parties protected in their rights.— as I have to save in relation to . he is a whig candidate a high minded man.
has not hung on to my coat tail to gain his electi[o]n as some have said. I am going to give a testimony but not for electioneering p◊◊◊p◊◊ris [purposes?].— [p. [33]]
before came to . rumor came up that he might become a candidate for congress.”— says I he is an old fri[e]nd I will vote for him.— when came to my house. I voluntar[il]y told him I was going to vote for me him
When I dictated to him the laws of , he rec[e]ived them on my testimony.— the rascals took s. & security <​when I was arr[e]sted​> made come to me & beg my pardon. for abuse <​he gave me​> & <​th[r]ough his means​> took the pistols from the rascals. & withdrew all claim to your vote & influenc[e] if it will be detrimental to your inter[e]st as a peoplee— [p. [34]]
tells me this morn[i]ng that he has had a testimo[n]y that it will be better for this people to vote for . & I never never kn[e]w say he ever had a revelation & it faild.— <​(Let God speak and all men hold their peace.)​> Never told to tell my private feeli[n]gs. (Let God speak and all men hold their peace.) and I utterly forbid these polotical [political] demagog[u]es from using my name hecefoth [henceforth]. forever.—
It is my settled feeling that if erred in granting a writ ag[a]inst me it is of the head and not of the heart. and I authorize all men to say I am a personal friend of . [p. [35]]
a cap to Serm[o]n
eve[r]y word that procedeeth from the mouth of Jehovah has such an influenc[e] over the hum[a]n mind the logical mind. that it is convinc[i]ng without <​othr​> testimo[n]y.
faith cometh by hearing.
If 10000 men testify to a truth you know would it add to you[r] faith? no, or will 1000 testimon[i]es destroy your knowledge— of a fact? no.—
I do not want any one to tell I am a propht or attempt to prove my word <​I​> Propecy [prophesy] in the name of God Almgty [Almighty] th[e]y shall bear off the palm [p. [36]]