Docket Entry, 10–circa 17 October 1843 [State of Illinois v. Drown on Habeas Corpus]

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Municipal Court.
State of Illinois) ss. [scilicet]
City of )
$ Cts
Serving Writ & copy. ,50
Summons for Court ,25
Fees for service of Summons 1.50
Docketing Suit .12½
Docket fee 3.00
Marshal’s fees for nursing prisoner 7 days 7.00
Entering Judgment ,25
Aldermen Fees 11.00
$24 37½
<​return of execution​> <​12½​>
<​Marshall’s fees for service​> <​50.​>
On Habeus Corpus. October 10th. 1843.
This day came Charles Drown and upon the reading and filing the petition for a writ of Habeus Corpus to be directed to one Samuel Waterman to have forthwith before the Municipal Court the body of said Drown, upon said Writ of Habeus Corpus; said writ of Habeus corpus was issued by the in accordance with the prayer of petitioner, no fees allowed.
Wednesday morning 10 o’clock. October 11th. 1843
Special Term,
Present associate Justices , , , , , and . was chosen President Pro. Tem.
, the person named thereon, made his return on the original writ of Habeus corpus. which writ, with the return thereon is now on file.
Samuel Waterman made his return on the copy of the original writ served on him and the same as <​is​> now on file. . . Court adjourned until Friday morning 10 o’clock. October 13th. 1843.
Friday October 13th. 1843. 10 o’clock A. M.
Court present, according to adjournment, To Wit; Joseph Smith chief Justice; , , , and associate Justices.
, to whose charge the prisoner was. committed, made his return “The Prisoner sick but in custody at my <​his​> house.”
Then came charles Drown by his Attorney , and plead his discharge on informality in the original writ,— and for want of substance in the affidavit, with rejoinder by acting attorney for the State.
The Court adjudged the papers sufficient to proceed to trial. , , and in the affirmative; , & chief Justice Smith in the negative.
At 15 minutes past 12— Court adjourned until 2 o’clock. [p. 87]
2 o’clock P. M. Court assembled agreeable to adjourned <​adjournment​>. Present, same as in the morning.
Court decided that the original prosecutor produce his evidence as plaintive in the case. The prisoner being sick.
Court adjourned until Monday 16th October. 10. oclock A,M,
Monday October 16th. 1843. 10, oclock, A.M.—
Court adjourned until 1 o’clock P. M. This day.
1 o’clock P. M. Court set, and adjourned until 8 oclock Tuesday Morning the 17th. october
October 17— 1843. 8 oclock A. M. Court met <​set​> according to adjournment:
This day came the said Charles Drown into court, and the prosecutor not appearing. the court ordered that the prisoner be discharged. and that the prisoner .
January 15, 1844 issued vs. Charles Drown 24.37½.—
January 17— " Execution returned. Drown did not live in the ’s precinct
May 7, 1844 Execution issued. vs. Almon Bathrick $24.37½ to
November 4. Execution returned “no property belonging to said Bathrick within my knowledge whereupon to levy the same & also this execution came to my hands since the death of former Marshall of said City of after the proper return day thereof J[onathan] C. Wright C M [City Marshal]
February 10. 1845 The has drawn on the for the above fees amounting to 25.00 [p. 88]


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