Docket Entry, 2 May–circa 3 June 1844 [City of Nauvoo v. A. Spencer]

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Municipal court.
State of Illinois) Sct. [scilicet]
City of )
An appeal from the Mayor’s Court. For Breach of ordinances. Fined $100.00
City of )
Docketing Suit .12½
Supersedias issued &c— .50
Docket Fee 3.00
Entering final Judgment for dismissel 25
’s attending court 1.00
Procedendo .50
Bill of particulers & ent[er]ing return— 25 <​37½​>
May 2d 1844. A notice was this day served on the of the Municipal Court, from the Mayor’s court. of an appeal having been lodged in this case to the municipal court, to be tried at the June term, and that supersedeas should issue
May [blank] 1844. Supersedeas issued deliverd to the Marshal .
June 3d 1844, 11 o clock A. M.— was solemnly called three times. but answered not. when the Respondent by counsel. motioned that the appeal be dismissed for want of prosecution, and that Procedenda issue to the lower court, whereupon the court ordered <​that​> the motioned be sustained and that procedendo issue to the lower court,
Procedendo issued to the of the Mayors court June 3, 1844 a bill of Particulars was ented on the back of the procedendo for $5.75, to be collected
1845 February 10. The has issued his certificate on the Treasury for the above fees amounting to 5.75. [p. 103]


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    Notation in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.