Docket Entry, between 26 and circa 27 July 1842 [State of Illinois v. Tubbs]

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State of ) Pettit. Larceny.
Justice fees, $1.12½)
Const. " .31)
July 26, 1842. Upon the Affidavit of William Walker a warrant issued against , on suspiscion of his having stolen a cow from the yard of Joseph Smith, “Trustee in Trust for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” in the city of , on or about the 15th day of May last.
July 26, 1842. At the request of issued subpoena for , Wm. Hickman, .
July 27, 1842. Warrant returned, endorsd “Duly Executed by bringing forthwith July 27, 1842 High constable fees .31.” Whereupon the court was called, and no one appearing against the he was discharged for want of evidence against him. And it is adjudged that complainant pay costs of such, taxed at $1.44. At the request of the gave him a certificate of his discharge. [p. 120]