Instruction, 9 February 1843 [D&C 129], as Reported by Willard Richards

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Thursday Feb 9. 1843 . . . & othe[r]s came in & Joseph explai[ne]d the followi[n]g [p. [172]] there are 3 adminitater [administrators] Angels. Spirits Devils— one class in heaven Angels the spir[i]ts of Ju[s]t men made perfect.— innumerable co[mpany] of angels & Spirits of Ju[s]t Men made perf[e]ct.
An angel appears to you how will you prove him. ask him to shake hands if he has flesh & bones— he is an Angel. “spirit hath not fl[e]sh & bones”
spirit of a Ju[s]t man made perf[e]ct. person in its tabernacle could hide its glory. [p. [173]]
if or the Devil came. how would you determi[n]e should you take hold of his hand you would not feel it. if it were a false administrtin he would not do it.
true spirit will not give his hand
the Devil will. 3 Keys—
a man came to me in & told me he had seen an angel dressed so & so. I told him he had seen no angel there was no such dress in heaven he got mad & went out in the street & commanded fire to come down out of heaven & consume me [p. [174]] I laughed at him & told him he was one of Baals prophets his God did not not hear him. Jump up & cut yourself— & he comma[nde]d fire f[r]om heaven to consume my house.—
when I was preaching in a quaker wanted a sign— I told him to be still. after sermon he wanted a sign. I told the congregati[o]n the man was an adulterer, “A wicked & adulterous geneatin [generation].” & the Lord to me in a revelation that any man who. wantd a sign was adulteros person.— “It is true[”] [p. [175]] said one for I caught him in the very act.— which he afterwards confessed when he was baptized [p. [176]]