Journal, December 1842–June 1844; Book 3, 15 July 1843–29 February 1844

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Book 3, 15 July 1843–29 February 1844

Editorial Note
’s third memorandum book records JS’s continued participation in various business, legal, civic, and ecclesiastical affairs in 1843 and early 1844. JS’s involvement in both local and national politics, especially after being nominated as a presidential candidate in January 1844, figures prominently in the record, as does his continued concern about his enemies in and the Saints’ efforts to obtain redress for losses they had earlier suffered there. Richards also recorded several of JS’s public discourses and noted the beginning of his efforts to find a new place in the West where church members could gather—efforts that would take on added significance when the Council of Fifty, organized in March 1844, took oversight of the project. Prominent, too, in this book are JS’s estrangement from and his difficulties with . Against a backdrop of court cases, visits to the theater, city council meetings, and other activities, Richards also recorded numerous meetings in which ordinances and teachings that would later be performed and taught in the were given to select individuals.

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15 July 1843 • Saturday
1843 Saturday July 15th. At home 6 P.M with his family & about a 100 others. took a pleasure excu[r]sion on the Maid of Iowa. f[r]om . to the north pa[r]t of the . & back at dusk.— (Theatre in the eveningby Mr Chapman)
a shower this morning wet the ground— 1 inch— [ 5 lines blank] [p. [1]]
16 July 1843 • Sunday
Sunday July 16th. 1843 preached all day. or A.M. & P.M. at the . in the . near & west of the concerning a mans foes being they of his own house. such as having secret enemies in the city— intermingling with the saints &c—
and proposing as a prophet— that he might be (a priest)— so the hearers tell the story [4 lines blank] [p. [2]] [page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
17 July 1843 • Monday
Monday July 17.— Mostly at home. called at the store <​office​> once. & in the evening was at the theatre in the store chamber, by Chapman and others
4 days— last past in [[purgatory[?]]] says [9 lines blank] [p. [4]]
18 July 1843 • Tuesday
July 18 Tuesday— Making hay on the prairie [15 lines blank] [p. [5]]
19 July 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday July 19 A gentle shower of rain in the P.M. [15 lines blank] [p. [6]]
20 July 1843 • Thursday
Thursday July 20 this evening borrowed $200 of & furnishd $290 for the expidition
Mr Divine— Fire King called on Presid[e]nt [10 lines blank] [p. [7]]
21 July 1843 • Friday
Friday July 21st. This Morni[n]g & a large company including families startd on the “Maid of Iowa” for the pinery in [12 lines blank] [p. [8]]
22 July 1843 • Saturday
Saturday July 22 saw Joseph 4 P.M in a buggy. at the store starting to ride out.— [15 lines blank] [p. [9]] [page [10] blank] [p. [10]]
23 July 1843 • Sunday
Sunday July 23— P.M. Law and prophets were until John &c 15 16 luke. 16 v— Joseph prea[c]hed— introduction— It has gone ab[r]oad that I was no longer a prophet.— I said it Ironically. I supposd you would all understand. I was not that I would renounce the idea of being a prophet. but that I would renou[n]ce the idea of procla[i]ming myself such. and saying. that I bear the testimony of Jesus.
No greater love than that a man lay down his life for his finds [friends]. I discover 100s & 1000s ready to do it for me [p. [11]]
In the midst of business— &— find the spirit willing but the flesh is weak subject to like passions with other men.—
although I am under the necessity of bearing the infirmities of other men. &c——
on the other hand the same characters when th[e]y discover a weakness in brothr Joseph. blast his character. &c—
all that law. &c th[r]ough him to the church.—
he cannot be borne with a moment.
men mouth my troubles. wh[e]n <​I​> have trouble they forget it all [p. [12]]
I beli[e]ve in a principle of reciprociprocity [reciprocity]— if we live in a devilish world— &c—
I see no faults in the chirch.— let me be resurrected with the saints whethr to heaven or helll or any other good place—
good society. what do we care if the soc[i]ety is good?——
dont care what an a character is if he’s my frie[n]d.—— a fri[e]nd a true friend. & I will be a f[r]iend to him frie[n]dship is the grand fundamental prin[c]iple of Mormonism.
to revolutin [revolutionize?] civilize the world.— pour forth love.
fredship [friendship] like Blacksmith [p. [13]] shop.— I do not dwell upon you[r] faults. you shall not upon mine— after you have covered up all the faults among you— the prettyest thing is have no faults at all— meek. qui[e]t. &c— Presbyteri[a]n or any truth. emb[ra]ce that. Baptist. Methodist. &c— get all the good in the world. come out a pure mormon.
Last monday morni[n]g cert[a]in men cam[e] to me— Bro Joseph is no propht. he cant lead the chu[r]ch— you must lead the Chu[rc]h— if you resign I. felt curious— & said— here we lea[r]n in a priesthood after th[e] order of Melchisedek— Propht [p. [14]] priest & king— & I will adva[n]ce f[ro]m prophet to pri[e]st & then to King not to the kingdoms of this earth but of the most high god.
If I should would there be a great many disappoitd [disappointed] in MO []?
Law & prop[h]ets. &c— suffereth violenc[e] & the viol[e]nt taketh it by force— heavens and earth shall pass away. &c says christ. he was the rock &c—— gave the law 30 Ex. 30.31.— and thou shalt anoint A[a]ron &c. last chap Ex 15.— and thou shalt anoint. them &c.— a tittle of law which must be fulfilled.— provend hereditary.— fixed on the head of aron— down to Zachariahe— the father of John.—— Zachariah had no child— <​had not​> god gave him a son? [p. [15]] sent his angel to declare a son henc[e] John. with the keys.——
John king and— lawgiver
The Kingdom of heavn suffereth volenc [violence] &— The kingdm of heavn continuith in auth[o]rity. beareth suffereth violinc. until John. the authority taketh it by absolute power. John having the power— took the kingdom by authority.—
How do you know all this g[rea]t knowledge—? by the gift of the H.G. [Holy Ghost] arrested the kingdom fr[o]m the Jews of these stony Gentil[e]s these dogs to raise up childrn unto Abraham [p. [16]]
John I must be baptized by you. why to answer my decreess.— John refusees— Jesus had no legal admin[is]trator before John.
No Salvation between the two lids of the bible without a legal administrator
Tis contrary to a Governors oath to send a man to . where he is prescribed in his religious opinions.—
Jesus was then the legal administrator.— & ordaind his apostles.
I will resume the subject at some futur[e] time.—— [p. [17]]
24 July 1843 • Monday
Monday July 24 Exhibition of Divine. the fire King.— in the Mayors court room over the . [13 lines blank] [p. [18]]
25 July 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday July 25.[th] saw Joseph in the middle room Laying on the <​low​> bed. gave him two dollars for room rent. & $1,46 for benefit of . from Divines exhibition. [13 lines blank] [p. [19]]
26 July 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday July 26 Shower of rain at twelve o clock noon [15 lines blank] [p. [20]]
27 July 1843 • Thursday
Thursday 27.— was at the to pray for Sis[ter] walker & anoint her finger. a felon— [15 lines blank] [p. [21]]
28 July 1843 • Friday
Friday 28th— 1843 deliverd the records at the mayors office— <​not 29th— as​> [15 lines blank] [p. [22]]
29 July 1843 • Saturday
Saturday July 29. was at the office with alone— went to Lodge— I suppose.— gave directions to send copy of certificate of trustee. & s pow[e]r of Attorney. to
(noon City Recorder & <​Church Recorder.​> brought the desk containing the City and Church books & papers to the Mayors office.— as he was about to leave for Ireland.— 28— delive[re]d)
sent to s to borrow $50.—— [5 lines blank] [p. [23]]
30 July 1843 • Sunday
Sunday July 20 30th. Joseph Sick. lungs oppressed. &c over heated preaching one week before.—
preached A.M.— after Meeting preaching called for a special Confernc [conference] to appoint. Recorders for the baptism of the dead— having Started for Ireland. was appointed gen[eral] church Recorder— and of the 4[th] Ward
Recorders for the baptisms of the dead
P M. the clerks met to organize & [p. [24]] prepare for recording baptisms.
Joseph called . & . to lay on hands & pray. for him. [14 lines blank] [p. [25]]
31 July 1843 • Monday
Monday July 31st. . &. started for . with .—
Went on the Prairie
Newell Nurse calld to get confi[n]ed. he is crazy & threatnig [threatening] drinking— & probably delerious at first [11 lines blank] [p. [26]]
1 August 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday Aug 1. 1843. Joseph sick—
— gave stump speech at the .— & called at office— acknowledged the power of the Mormon .—
news arrived from the that the writ was retu[rn]ed & killed. ( translating)
the news above refer[r]ed to was a private communication from Mr Braman— to Joseph by Mr Backenstoss and not the [p. [27]]
2 August 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Aug 2— 1843 some better.
( translating.) [15 lines blank] [p. [28]]
3 August 1843 • Thursday
Thurdsay Aug 3d— 1843.— not so well says [15 lines blank] [p. [29]]
4 August 1843 • Friday
Friday august 4.
Health improving [15 lines blank] [p. [30]]
5 August 1843 • Saturday
Saturday Augu[s]t 5th.
4 P.M. . . & . & spoke on the Election of — & [10 lines blank] [p. [31]]
6 August 1843 • Sunday
Sunday august 6t/h" <​ started for ——​>
. prayed.
preached. on testimony. after Sermon. Joseph (for he came to the soon after commencd.) said he would preach his sermon next sunday he was not able to day.— would speak of another subject.— the Election he was above the kingdoms— of the world for he broke no laws.—
I have not come to tell <​you​> to vote this way. that way. or the other.
in relation to national matters I want it to [go] abr[o]ad to the whole wo[r]ld. that every man should [p. [32]] stand on his own merits. the Lord has not given me Revelati[o]n conc[e]rning politics.— I have not asked the Lord for it.— I am a third party stand independnt and alone— I desire to see all parties protected in their rights.— as I have to save in relation to . he is a whig candidate a high minded man.
has not hung on to my coat tail to gain his electi[o]n as some have said. I am going to give a testimony but not for electioneering p◊◊◊p◊◊ris [purposes?].— [p. [33]]
before came to . rumor came up that he might become a candidate for congress.”— says I he is an old fri[e]nd I will vote for him.— when came to my house. I voluntar[il]y told him I was going to vote for me him
When I dictated to him the laws of , he rec[e]ived them on my testimony.— the rascals took s. & security <​when I was arr[e]sted​> made come to me & beg my pardon. for abuse <​he gave me​> & <​th[r]ough his means​> took the pistols from the rascals. & withdrew all claim to your vote & influenc[e] if it will be detrimental to your inter[e]st as a peoplee— [p. [34]]
tells me this morn[i]ng that he has had a testimo[n]y that it will be better for this people to vote for . & I never never kn[e]w say he ever had a revelation & it faild.— <​(Let God speak and all men hold their peace.)​> Never told to tell my private feeli[n]gs. (Let God speak and all men hold their peace.) and I utterly forbid these polotical [political] demagog[u]es from using my name hecefoth [henceforth]. forever.—
It is my settled feeling that if erred in granting a writ ag[a]inst me it is of the head and not of the heart. and I authorize all men to say I am a personal friend of . [p. [35]]
a cap to Serm[o]n
eve[r]y word that procedeeth from the mouth of Jehovah has such an influenc[e] over the hum[a]n mind the logical mind. that it is convinc[i]ng without <​othr​> testimo[n]y.
faith cometh by hearing.
If 10000 men testify to a truth you know would it add to you[r] faith? no, or will 1000 testimon[i]es destroy your knowledge— of a fact? no.—
I do not want any one to tell I am a propht or attempt to prove my word <​I​> Propecy [prophesy] in the name of God Almgty [Almighty] th[e]y shall bear off the palm [p. [36]]
explai[n]ed at some length. concring [concerning] the election [16 lines blank] [p. [37]]
7 August 1843 • Monday
Monday Aug 7th. Election of U.S. Reprentativs [representatives] & County officers.
The Democratic Ticket prevaield in by an overwhelming majority. [10 lines blank] [p. [38]]
8 August 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday August 8th The court was posting the Election Books in the office. viz. . . & . , clerks.
at the office 9. A.M. staid 1/2 hour— [13 lines blank] [p. [39]]
9 August 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Aug 9.— [17 lines blank] [p. [40]]
10 August 1843 • Thursday
Thursday Aug 10th. 1843. [16 lines blank] [p. [41]]
11 August 1843 • Friday
Friday Aug 11th. 1843. Brother very sick— 12 noon pulseless since morning.—
eve gave inst[r]uction to grant Licence to A. La Forest for his show on feats of strength tomorrow eve——
Gen died about 10 P.M. report says [9 lines blank] [p. [42]]
12 August 1843 • Saturday
Saturday Aug 12.— returnd. from Joseph not well gave saw him at home 5 P.M.
A. La Forest gave some expermets [experiments] or exhib[i]ted some feats of strength as a public show man in the court room lifting cannon anvils men &c
. ele[c]ted School commissioner and Geo W. Thatcher. clerk of Co. Commissione[r]s Cou[r]t. went to to give bonds. and take oath of office.— when before the court . Franklin J. Worrill [Worrell]. one Prentice. and 12 or 15 others came in cou[r]t— armd with hickory clubbs— kn[i]ves. dirks and Pistols. and told the court they must not approve there bond or swear them into office. if they did blood would be spilt and pledged their word. honors & reputati[o]ns to keep them out of officce & put down the mormons the bonds were accepted.— and the mob notified a meeti[n]g of the old citizens of . on satu[r]day next.— to consider about the morm[on]s retain[in]g their offices—— [p. [43]]
13 August 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Aug 13[th] 1843. Joseph Pd. [preached] in relati[o]n [to] the death of
2.d Peter 3.d C[hapter]. 11 10. 11. v—— Text said he was not like other men his mind was continually occ[u]pied with the business of the day. and he had to depend entirely upon the living god for evrey thing he said on such occasions.
The great thing for us to know is to comprehe[n]d what. God did institute before the fou[n]dation of the world.—— Who knows it?
It is the constitutional disposition of mankind to set up stakes & set bou[n]ds [p. [44]] to the works and ways of the Almighty.
we are calld this mourn thies mo[r]ning the death of a good man a great man & a m[i]ghty man—
It is a Sol[e]mn idea that man has no hope of seeing a frie[n]d after he has lost him. but I will give you a more painful thought— the thought is simple and I never design to communicate no ideas but what are simple for to this end I am sent.— suppose we have an idea of a resurrection. &c &c and yet know nothiing at all of the gospel and could not comprehend one principle [p. [45]] of the order of heavn. but found yourselves disappo[i]nted. yes. at last find yourselves disappointed in evrey hope or antiicipation when decis[i]on goes forth from the lips of the Almighty at last. would not this be a gre[a]ter disappotmt [disappointment]. a more painful thought than annihilat[i]on
had I inspiartion [inspiration], Revelation & lungs to communicate what my soul has contemplated in times <​past​> there is not a soul in this congregation but would go to their hom[e]s & shut their mouths in everlasting silnece [silence] on religin, till. they had learnd somethi[n]g. [p. [46]]
why be so certain that you comprehend the things of God. when all things with you are so uncertain.
you are welcome to all the knowledge &
I do not grudge the world of all the religion— the[y] have got.— they are welc[o]me to all the knowledge th[e]y possess—
the sound saluted my ears. we are come unto Mt. Zion. &c.
what could propet [profit] us to come unto the spirits of Just met [men] but to learn. and come to the knowledge of spi[ri]ts of the Just.
where has gone?— who is there that would not give all his goods to feed the poor— & pour out [p. [47]] his gold & silver. to the four winds. to come where has gone.—
that which hath been hid from before the fo[u]ndations of the w[o]rld. [illegible] reveald to babes and sucklings in the last days.—
The wo[r]ld is reserved unto burni[n]g in the last days—— he shall send Elijah the prophet . . . and he shall reveal the covenants of the fathrs <​in relation​> to the childrn,— <​originally written—​> and the childrn and the covena[n]ts of th[e] childr[en] in relati[o]n to the fathrs.—
4 destroying angels holding power ove[r] the 4 qua[r]ters of the earth— u[n]til the [p. [48]] the se[r]vants of God are seald in their foreheads.— what is that seal. shall I tell you? know No.—
Doctrine Election.—— sealing. <​of the sevats [servants] of our god​> on their the top of their heads.— tis the not the cross as the catholi[c]s would have it. doctrine of Electi[o]n to Abraham was in the relation to the Lord.— A man wishes to be embraced in the covena[n]t of Abraham— a man —— in world.— of spir[i]ts—
is sealed unto the throne, & doctrine of Electi[o]n sealing the father & childrn together. [p. [49]]
to the mou[r]ner. do as the husband and the father would inst[r]uct you. & you shall be reunited.—
I have been acquited [acquainted] with a long time & I Never knew a more tender heartd man.
The president was much exhau[s]ted
spoke about a contribu[tion] to get lumber for house followd by. .
Elder after meeting was dismissed called— read some charges which had ben prefird by — agint [against] him & citati[o]n to appear before High coun[c]il for trial and calld on all to bring forwa[r]d their testimony. if and prove their charge and if they they did not—— he should take the accusers for slander—— [p. [50]]
[6 lines blank] 2. P.M.
Joseph. as Mayor inst[r]ucted the . to keep the Ladies camp ground clear of young men.
the city is enlarging. very fast. we have so many learned men in this city. & the height of knowledge is not to know enough to keep out out of the way. I have been feretted feretting out Grog. shops. groceries & beer barrels [p. [51]]
. of . who has exercised more despotic power over the inhibtants [inhabitants] of this & than any despot of the Eastern country. I met. he gave me some abusive language took up a stone to throw at me I siezd him by the throat to choke him off—
at the Election. <​on the hill th[e]y​> got a constable name of King— I dnt [don’t] know what need there was of a constable.
old Father Perry said why you cant vote in this precinct. King took me by that the collar to march [p. [52]] and told me to go away.
All our wronged wrongs have arisen under the power and authority of democra[c]y and I have swron [sworn] that I will this arm shall fall from my shoulder and. this tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. before I will vote for them. unless they make me satisfacti[o]n I & I feel it sensibly.—
I was abused and neglected at the ground. <​and there was not a man in the crowd to say— this is Bro Joseph this is th[e] Mayor—​>
then spoke of the grog shops and the disturbance of the crowd in the street by grocery.
Warned the grog shops to be scarce after this time and the [p. [53]] peace officers to take notice of the grog shops and give him seasonable notice.
closed 20 mi[nutes]— 3 [p.m.]—
returnd and said he had forgottn one thing. we have had certain traders in this who have been writing falsehoods to . . . . there is a certain man in this city who has made a covena[n]t to bretray and give me up. and that too before commenced his persecution. <​this testim[on]y I have from gentlemn from abroad—— and I do not wish to give their names.— ​>
I most solmnly proclaim the withdrawal of my fellowship from this man, <​on the conditi[o]n that the foregoi[n]g be true—​>— and let the [p. [54]] Saints procla[i]m it abroad.
that he may no longer be acknowledges acknowledged as my counselor and that all who feel to sanction my proceedings— & views will manife[s]t it by uplifted hands & it was a unanimous vote that be disfellowed and his Licen[s]e dimanded.—
commencd prea[c]hing at 3. P.M. and prea[c]hed away most of th[e] congreg[a]tion. afterwa[r]ds a cntributn [contribution] of $4.60 was taken for hou[s]e
died at Joseph[’s] about 9— oclock [p. [55]]
14 August 1843 • Monday
Monday 14[th] August rode at 9 A.M.—
at home 1 P.M. spoke to him about rec[o]rding s blessings on the breth[re]n.
to the buryi[n]g ground with —— &c—
[A.] La Forest lifted cannon &c— [8 lines blank] [p. [56]]
15 August 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday 15— [5 lines blank]
evening at the exhibition of streng[t]h, or feats of [A.] La Forest— cannon Anvils &c. [7 lines blank] [p. [57]]
16 August 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday 16 10 A.M attendd furnal [funeral] of Gen .
I gave s affidavit to carry to
[A.] Laforest played his feats [5 lines blank] [p. [58]]
17 August 1843 • Thursday
Thu[r]sday Aug 17.— in office 10½ A.M. tried a case — & vs — also commen[ce]d a suiet [suit]. vs adjued [adjourned] to 4 P.M.— after dinnr tried a case . vs John Fizzacherly.—
4. P.M. finshd [finished] trying case.—
9 P.M. Issued out a befor . vs A. La Forest— & he was brought to cou[r]t room & left $5. to s[e]cure for use of room till morning.
& started for by .— [p. [59]]
18 August 1843 • Friday
Friday aug 18th 8 A.M. conve[r]sing Mr Swartout
10 with I called with [A.] La Forest.— at his ho[u]se [12 lines blank] [p. [60]]
19 August 1843 • Saturday
Saturday Aug 19.——
calld at on the preside[n]t gave him $4.00 left as security by [A.] La. Forest. LaForest left in the night.— leaving the cannon &c in the
<​about​> 200 citezins assembled in to consult about the Mormons.— [11 lines blank] [p. [61]]
20 August 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Aug 20[th] 1843 saw the presidnt about 10 A.M. at home. [14 lines blank] [p. [62]]
21 August 1843 • Monday
Aug 21. Monday.— having Received a letter from coveri[n]g one from J. Hall Esqr. Mo. gave inst[r]uction to have them copied with some additional remarks and sent to .— copied accordingly—
Many folke at house. Rode out.
P.M. Held court vs — on Tempernc [temperance] ordnanc [ordinance]— fin[e]d $3. and costs.— [8 lines blank] [p. [63]]
22 August 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday 23 22. 1843. Sent a letter to by for enclosed J. Halls. & s.
Fined $3.00 on confession for selling spirits.— [8 lines blank] [p. [64]]
23 August 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday 23.— 1843. gave order for to pass ferry free to — also order for to get some things for the at
Fined Mary Huxhan $3,00 on confessi[o]n for selling spirits.—
held court 4. P.M— vs . Larceny, no cause of action,
Mrs Mallery vs Pilkinton $45—— cost.— [5 lines blank] [p. [65]]
24 August 1843 • Thursday
Augu[s]t 24[th] gave a letter into office from for court papers on near noon [13 lines blank] [p. [66]]
25 August 1843 • Friday
Friday August 25[th] 1843
<​ in the office— spoke of a new revelitn [revelation].—​>
Rain in gentle showers through the day— the first water of much amount that has fallen since 1st June in .— the earth has been ex[c]eedingly dry.— & the early potato nearly destroyed. corn has been checkd in its growth. & even vines much inju[re]d by drouth.
saw the preside[n]t at tea 5 PM. [p. [67]]
26 August 1843 • Saturday
1833 1843 Saturday aug 26—
about 3 o’clock P.M. Joseph came in the office was in— in a few minuts went out and met & returnd.
was in th[e] street— yesterday retur[n]ed from Coun[c]il Bluff.——
widow was in to see about her deed. for her lot. [5 lines blank] [p. [68]]
27 August 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Aug. 27[th] 1843— 10 A.M. prayed.—
Joseph said 2 weeks to day somethi[n]g said about — vote taken to take away his licenses. on account. of a report brought by from .—
The letter is one of the most evasive things.— and carries with it a design to hide the truth.
Ill. Aug— 18. 1843
in answer to — of the 15.— inst .— Has any man been concerned in a conspiracy— to delivr Joseph Smith to ?— if so whoo?— [p. [69]]
Read 7th. Hebrews.
Salem is designed for a hebrew term. it should be Shiloam . . . which signifies Righteousness & peace. as it is, it is nothing, neither Hebrew. Greek. Latin french. or any other
To all those who are dis-posd to say to set up stakes for the almighty— will come short of the glory of god.
To becom[e] a joint heir of the h[e]irship of the son he must put away all his tradition
I bear record this morning that all the combined powers of ea[r]th & hell shall not over come this by boy—
If I have sinned I have sinned outwardly— but surely I have [p. [70]] contemplated the things of God.
told an anecdote of the Episcopali[a]n pri[e]st— who said he had the pr[i]esthood of A[a]ron— but not of Melichsedch [Melchizedek]— and bore this testimony that I never have found the man who claimed the pri[e]sthood of Melchisideck.
The law was given under Aaron for the purpose of pouring out Jud[g]ments— and destructi[o]ns.
The sectarian world are going to hell.— by. 100? 1000? 1000 000?
3 grand orders of pri[e]sthood referred to there . . .
1st. King of Shiloam.— power & authority over that of Abraham holding the key of [p. [71]] the power of endless life.—— angels desire to loock into it. but they have set up to many stakes. god cursed the chldrn [children] of Israel because they would not receive the last law from Moses.
by the offering of Isaac.— if a man would attain— he must sacrific[e] all to attain. to the keys of the kingdom of an endless life
what was the power of Melchisedick twas not. P[riesthood] of Aaron— &c— a king and a pri[e]st to the most high Good [God]. a perfect law of Theocracy— <​holding keys of powe[r] & bless[in]gs​> stood as God to give laws to the people. administer[i]ng endless lives to the sons and daughte[r]s of Adam, [p. [72]] kingly powe[r]s. of ano[i]nting.— Abram says Melchsidek.— away I have a pr[i]esthood.—
Salvation could not come to the world without the mediati[o]n of Jesus Christ.
how shall god come to the rescue of this generati[o]n. he shall send Elijah law reveald to moses in Horeb— never was reveald to th[e] C[hildren] of Israel
and he shall reveal the coven[an]ts to seal the hea[r]ts of the fath[er]s to the childrn and teh [the] childrn to the fathe[r]s.— <​anointing & sealing.—​> calld elected and made sure [p. [73]]
without father &c. a priesthood which holds the pr[i]esthood by right from the Eternal Gods.— and not by des[c]ent from father and mother
2d Pri[e]sthood. patriarchal authority f[i]nish that temple. and god will fill it with power.
3d Priesthood. Levitical Prest
Pri[e]sts made without an oath but the Pr[i]esthood of Melchisedek is by oath and cov[e]nant.
Holy Ghost.
jesus christ— men have to suffer that th[e]y might come up on Mt. Zion. [p. [74]]
exalted above the heavens——
I know a man— that has been caught up to the 3d heavns— &
15 mi[nutes] past 1 oclock.——
— neve[r] see but 3. times. never exchanged a word with any man living on this subject.
I ask pa[r]don for having done any thi[n]g which should give occasion to mak[e] you think so.—
<​See Letter on next Page​> [p. [75]]
evening. Joseph. . . & were in Josephs prayed that s father might live & rec[e]ive the gospel & our families beli[e]ve & rejoice & be saved.
Copy of the letter refered to on the previous page
Ill. aug 18. 1843.—
Dear sir—
yours of the 15th in[s]t was rec[e]ived but not in time to answer it by return mail “You say that a Mr on board of the Steam Boat Anawawan a short time since was told by an offic[e]r of the Boat— That a Mr Prentice in the vicinity of . said that some person in high standing. in the church of Latter Day Saints in this place () had an intervew with you (me) said he would use all the influence <​that​> his circumstances would admit of. to have Joseph Smith arrested, and deliverd into the hands of the Missourians &c. This intervew is said to have taken place at the time the first warrant was issued against Smith. and that since the last warrant was issued. that the same person had written to you (me) or had an intervi[e]w with you giving the same assurances It has been publicly said in this town that I () was the person who had this intervew or intervews. & correspondence with you.[”] Now. Sir. it gives me pleasure to be perfitly [perfectly] able to disabuse you. I have not seen you to my recollection. nor had any correspondenc[e] with you. until the present. since 1839. and in all the intercourse I have had with you. I have always looked upon you as one of the most devotd followe[r]s of Joseph Smith. and one of the pillars of the Church of the Latter Days Saints.— I never sought th[r]ough the aid of any person to entrap Joseph Smith. A faithful discharge of my official duties. was all that I attempted or desir[e]d. very respetfuly [respectfully] your obt Sevt.
Esqr [p. [76]]
28 August 1843 • Monday
Monday Aug 28.—
Delegati[o]n of Indians at Josephs. they wishd him to become their great father—
— wrote a deed in th[e] office [8 lines blank] [p. [77]]
29 August 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday August 29.[th] held cou[r]t in the A.M. on Hotchkissn— no cause of action. P M. court—
vs— — <​bou[n]d to​> keep th[e] peacee 6 months.— before trial gave up his elder[’s] licens to Rec[o]rder
Ira Cou[r]t 4. P.M. vs Ira. Miles.— fin[e]d $5 for swearn [swearing] 25, disorderly— or bre[a]ch of ordinanc[e]
wrote— Copying Court papers. [p. [78]]
30 August 1843 • Wednesday
August 30.— Wedne[s]day office 10 A.M. wanted to. write a letter to Clerk to come in the .— [10 lines blank]
continu[e]d on the court papers [p. [79]]
31 August 1843 • Thursday
Thur[s]day aug 31.— Joseph calld about 10 A.M. and asked what the rent of house by the was wo[r]th.—
About this thiese Days was Moving into the on the Diagonal corner. to commence keeping tavern [6 lines blank] [p. [80]]
1 September 1843 • Friday
Friday Sept[e]mber 1. 1843
. vs. before High cou[n]cil.— at the Joseph & there as witness[e]s on part of the cou[n]cil.—
was discharged without reprooff or censure. by the High Coun[c]il. [9 lines blank] [p. [81]]
2 September 1843 • Saturday
Saturday September 2d 1843 Joseph not well adjud [adjourned] court till—— [13 lines blank] [p. [82]]
3 September 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Septemb[e]r 3d. [10 lines blank]
6 eve Joseph. . . . & in coucilel [council]— at Joseph[’s] prayed— for s sick child. & Whtinys. &c. much inst[r]uction fr[o]m the preside[n]ts— on future things. [p. [83]]
4 September 1843 • Monday
Monday September 4th. 1843. 10 A.M . . . attended adjou[rn]ed court ) vs.— A[ugustus] Dodge. S[eth] Dodge & Luther & Luther Purtelow.— fin[e]d— 1st 2 $5.00 cash— last 1. & cost. called for a seal on a paper to go to for Dr— Bennet shewing the death of a friend.—— 1. P.M. called.— to give Licenc [license] to Howe and Maybie for a circus performance.——
P M 2½ till 5 attended circus with his family—— [6 lines blank] [p. [84]]
5 September 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday Sept 5th. Court 10. A.M. vs Easton.—— A◊◊sisted & adjued [adjourned] till two.— at 2 adjued to next week.—
Joseph came in the office— 9 A.M. with Hamilton of — and and wanted a bill of fare for tavern written—
also a deed Hamilton had of th[e] Sheriff for Lot 2 Block 103 .— for taxes.— taxes had been paid.— [p. [85]]
6 September 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Septmbr 6[th]. 6 or 7 A.M came in before the was out of Bed.—
Court— at the old house
vs Joseph Owen. [10 lines blank] [p. [86]]
7 September 1843 • Thursday
Thursday September 7th Called <​office​> 12— Laid hands on Sister Partington & 2 children
Called P.M enqui[re]d the news. took home the Lettere written to for the church History. [12 lines blank] [p. [87]]
8 September 1843 • Friday
Friday Sept 8. 1843 Sick Joseph at home started for with court papers of as witness
Training of first Cohort [12 lines blank] [p. [88]]
9 September 1843 • Saturday
Saturday 9. Sept a little more comfo[r]table
Training—— gone to .— went to to prize [appraise] 14 head of cattle.— cold. cloudy. city council— did not form a quorum but adjured [adjourned].— [11 lines blank] [p. [89]]
10 September 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Sept. 10 1843 cold. & considerable rain kindld a fire in the office for the first time this fall.—
This is the first rain of any consequ[en]ce.— since the first of June.— there has been occasinl [occasional] say 3 or 4 slight showers. but not enough to wet the potato hills and the vegetables in the gardens have ginerally stopped growing on account of the drouth even corn is ser[i]ously injurd.— and much is injurd by a worm in the ear. early potatoes scarce worth digging [p. [90]]
11 September 1843 • Monday
Monday September 1843. early in the morning a petition was presented Gen the Lieut Gen to devise means to get the public arms of the state for the Legion
Election for Probate Justice. weather cold. people cold. — receivd most of the votes in . say. 700 votes. Before noon Lieut General— granted the petition and appoi[n]ted . . & a committee to wait on .
6 P. M. Joseph. . . & — had a season of prayer in Josephs east room . for. s little daughter who was sick & . who was some better. . very humble 3 or 4 days.— &c.— [p. [91]]
12 September 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday Septrd 12 1843. [6 lines blank]
wind east. & south. through. the day.— rain commenc[e]d about 7 oclock [9 lines blank] [p. [92]]
13 September 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Septr 13. 1843.— rode out on horseback 8 A.M.
2 oclock & 10 minutes Joseph introdu[ce]d Mr— — of England. to give an address. on his vews of the social system. agreeable to Mr [Robert] Owens system 1 evils soci[e]ty is suffering— 2— causes whi[c]h prdue [produce] them. 3d causes best means of removing them. Spoke on the first two points
Joseph spoke and repli[e]d &c all pleasa[n]tly.— [7 lines blank] [p. [93]]
14 September 1843 • Thursday
September 14. 1843 Thursday.
2. P.M. At the temple .
— spoke on the 3d principle mentioned yeste[r]day 10 past. 3.— Joseph spoke 5 minutes. told an anecdote of . and got up a community. at . big fish eat up the little. did not beleive the doctrine.— &c. replied— a few minuts.— said he.— “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. & I am the Spir[i]tual prophet. Mr Smith the Temporal Prophet.[”]
commen[c]ed 3½— spoke about an hour & ½— spoke. Joseph &c closed about 6. [p. [94]]
15 September 1843 • Friday
Friday September 15th 1843 left .— Mailed Letter to Clyde Williams & Co— publishers. . giving a history of the faith of the chu[r]ch for their Book of Denom[i]nations also. power of attorny to . to. cirtifed by the City Recorder— Joseph raised a signe . Resolutions of the Mob meeting arrived in town.
Officer Drill.
15. to 3 P.M. Rhoda Ann daughter of & born [p. [95]]
16 September 1843 • Saturday
Saturday September 16[th] 1843 Gen[e]ral parade Nauvoo Legi[o]n near Gen Smiths . went in co[mpany] with his staff. to parade met by escort. and arrived befor the legion about 12.—
was r[e]ceived and saluted in military style. about 1. P.M Legion was dismissd for 2 hours & I rode home to dinnr retur[n]ed ab[o]ut 20 minutes after 3.— attend[ed] the revew and inspetn [inspection] of the Legi[o]n with my staff. acting inspector. after which I took my part and gave orders.— after which made a spee[c]h to the legi[o]n highly gatifed [gratified] with officers a[n]d sold[ie]rs [p. [96]] and I felt extremely well myself. about sundown the Legion was dismissed. and rode home with some of my staff. hig[h]ly delightd with the days services performanc[e] and well paid for my services
the return will appear hereafter [9 lines blank] [p. [97]]
17 September 1843 • Sunday
Sunday 17th—— Septmbr was at meeting. gave some directions. & while preachd I took my part as Mayor outside of the assembly. to keep order. & set patte[r]n for the under office[r]s.— after prechig [preaching] gave some instuctin [instruction] ab[o]ut order in the congregation— men among women & wom[e]n among men. horess [horses] in the assembly men & boys on the &c P.M. Mr Blodget th[e] unitarian min[i]ster p[r]eached was gratifi[e]d with his [p. [98]] serm[o]n in gene[r]al— but differd in opini[o]n on some po[i]nts— on which I freely ixpressed myself to his gre[a]t satisfacti[o]n on perscutin [persecution] making the work spread.— by rooting up a fl[o]wer garden or kicking back the sun. [10 lines blank] [p. [99]]
18 September 1843 • Monday
Monday Sept 18. 1843 12 come in the city coun[c]il at his old hou[s]e a few mi[nu]tes.—
tried two causes in behalf— of — vs [illegible].
— vs [illegible]— fined defendant 3,00—— [9 lines blank] [p. [100]]
19 September 1843 • Tuesday
September 19 Tuesday. <​Stood on steps at 7— gave a Cod fish​> A.M. at home. gave Letter to from to answer— and answe[re]d it dated 20 with a paper containi[n]g the resoluti[o]ns of Meeting of Mobocracy.
Dr wrote to & lady to attend weddi[n]g of 3d Sept. [9 lines blank] [p. [101]]
20 September 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Sept 20 1843. Rode out to his . [6 lines blank]
very warm, wind south [9 lines blank] [p. [102]]
21 September 1843 • Thursday
Thursday Sept 20 21[st]— 1843. Made affidavit with & . to auditor of State. vs. .
about 11. A.M. called with his bro to see about getti[n]g a copy of ’s. Blessing.— &— wishd the much joy in his new daug[h]ter— about 3 noon went on board “Maid of Iowa” with .
1. P.M. thermometer stood at 100° in the shade— at .— [6 lines blank]] [p. [103]]
22 September 1843 • Friday
Friday September 22. 1843 about noon saw Joseph pass in a waggon with .— [14 lines blank] [p. [104]]
23 September 1843 • Saturday
Saturday September 22 23 Brother returnd from . the trial of & . will not come on till may there were so many cases on the docket.—
saw the Prest. riding down main St about 5 oclock.
retur[ne]d fr[o]m the water so low in the upper river could not get a raft out [6 lines blank] [p. [105]]
24 September 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Aug Sept 24th 1843 Joseph Prea[c]hed about 1 hour. fr[o]m 2d— chapter of acts— designd to shew the folly of common stock In
eve[r]y one stwad [steward] over their own— . & continued the meeting after preachi[n]g Joseph calld up[o]n th[e] brethrn to draw stone for the . and gave notice for a special confenc [conference] on th[e] 6[th] oct. Meeti[n]g adjurd [adjourned] on acco[u]nt of prospect of rain at ab[o]ut 1. P.M.—— Judge McBride & a lawyer from pres[e]nt at Meeting. H[igh] Pr[i]ests Quorum met in the ordand [ordained]. Bro. [blank] [p. [106]]
25 September 1843 • Monday
Monday Sept 25—— Lousy. wet, day. did not see th[e] preside[n]t—— hea[r]d he had convesatin [conversation] with a Missourian & . called for constitution of the .— [11 lines blank] [p. [107]]
26 September 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday September 26 1835 tried a case of Dana vs Leeches about 11. A.M. at old house— no caus[e] of action.— called at about 6. PM. Dire[c]ted a suit to commnc [commence]. Meddagh vs. Hovey.— [12 lines blank] [p. [108]]
27 September 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Sept 27.— 10 A.M. at home— good feel[i]ngs.— gave the privilege of occupying the small hou[s]e near the .— [13 lines blank] [p. [109]]
28 September 1843 • Thursday
Thursday Sept 28 1833 1843 10 A.M. in the street going toward printing office. 11½ A,M,M Council over the . . . Wa.d [washed] & A[[nointed]] — ant [anointed] at 7 eve met at the upper room front. with Baurak Ale was by common cons[e]nt. & unanimous voice chosen presidnt of the quorum. & anointed & ordd. [ordained] to the highest and holiest order of the priesthood.— (&. Companion <​d[itt]o.—​>) Joseph Smith. . . —— , , . . —— . .— President led in prayer. that his days might be prolonged. have domin[io]n over his enemies. all their hosehods [households] be blessed and all the chu[rc]h & wo[r]ld. [p. [110]]
29 September 1843 • Friday
Sept 29. 1843. Friday—— [15 lines blank] [p. [111]]
30 September 1843 • Saturday
Saturday Sept 30. 1843
rained this fore noon wind east [13 lines blank]
P.M. Wind west very strong & cold. [p. [112]]
1 October 1843 • Sunday
October 1— 1843 Sunday
wet and cold. went to meeting A.M. adjourded [adjourned] the meeting
PM more pleasa[n]t[.] people assembled and preached eve— Council met same as thur[s]day previous except & S[isters] .— [Rosannah Robinson] Marks. . &.— wife.— Joseph &c re-anointed. &c. anointed. counselors.— prayer & singing adjournd to wednesday eve [6 lines blank] [p. [113]]
2 October 1843 • Monday
Monday Oct 2d— 1843 at home [14 lines blank] [p. [114]]
3 October 1843 • Tuesday
Wednesday <​Tuesday.—​> Oct. 3— 1843 at home. The brethren assembled with their wives. to the amount of ab[o]ut 100 couples and dined. at the as an “opening” to the house a very pl[e]asant day. and all thi[n]gs passed off well.— <​Se[e] The Neighbor. Oct 4— 1843.—​> in the ev[en]ing Mr was married to Miss at the I solimnizd the marrige in pres[e]nce of a select party—— [5 lines blank] [p. [115]]
4 October 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday October 4.— 1843 A.M. Joseph was sworn before alderman at the to an affidavit.— concerig [concerning] a suit in cou[r]t & Joseph vs Rhodes— <​gave orders to take such steps as were necessary to procu[r]e arms— for the legion.​> P.M. arrived. & Joseph spe[n]t the P.m in riding about the with him.— and in the ev[en]ing chatting. Council. of the quorum adjurd [adjourned] to su[n]day eve—— child b[e]ing sick.
Towards night Joseph called to direct a licence for an auction to be given E. Hovey & N. Sleeper. for the Space of 10. days.— for $5.00.— granted accordingly and they were sworn to make du[e] retu[r]ns. to the treasurer. [p. [116]]
5 October 1843 • Thursday
Thursday October 5. morning rode out with . to &c.—— P.M rode on prairie to shew the Some brethren some land.— eve at home walked up and down st. with scribe.— and gave inst[r]uction to try those who were preaching teaching or preaching the doctrin of plurality of wives. on this Law. Joseph forbids it. and the practice ther[e]of— No man shall have but one wife [6 lines blank] [p. [117]]
6 October 1843 • Friday
Friday october 6[th]. To special confirnc [conference] 11½ [a.m.]— so cold & windy. few people out <​gave notice s case would be considerd.—— &c——​> adjou[r]ned to morrow 10 11 10. or ist [1st] plasent [pleasant] day. walked towa[r]ds home giving instructions to his [s]cribe to cause all the paper relating to his 1/2 breed land— in to be put in the ha[n]ds of [9 lines blank] [p. [118]]
7 October 1843 • Saturday
Saturday Oct 6 7th. 1843.— atten[d]ed confernc [conference] see minutes— on case of s [13 lines blank] [p. [119]]
8 October 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Oct 8 1843 <​Slight frost last night.—​> confirnc [conference] A.M.— went in the P.M. rain commen[ce]d and adjound [adjourned] to monday 10 A.M.—
Prayer Meeting at Joseph’s Quorum present also in addition. Sis— Adams. . uncle Johns wife— & his were blessed ord— and anointed. prayer— & singing.— [8 lines blank] [p. [120]]
9 October 1843 • Monday
Monday oct 9. Confernc [Conference] & spoke on the. . P.M. Joseph preacheed funeral sermon of Gen .— All men know that all men must die.— What is the object of our coming into existence. then dying and falling away to be here no more? This is a subject we ought to study more than any other, which we ought to study day and night.— If we have any claim on our heavenly father for any thing it is for knowledge on this important subject— could we read and comprehend all that has been writtn from the days of Adam on the relation of man to God & angels. and the spirits of Just men in a future state. we should know very little about it. could you gaze in heaven 5 minute. you would know more— than you possibly would can know by read[ing] all that ever was writtn on the subject. We are one only capable of comprehedig [comprehending] that certain things exist. which we may acquire by certain fixed principles— If men would acquire salvation they have got to be subj[e]ct to certain rules. & principle which were fixed by an unalterable dercee [decree] before the world was. before they leave this wo[r]ld. what did they learn by coming to the spirits of just men made perfect? is it written. No!
The spir[i]ts of just men are made ministering servants to those who are sealed unto life eternal. & it is through them that the sealing power comes down— The spirit of now is <​now of​> the spirits of the just men made [perfect?]— and if revealed now. must be revealed in fire. And the glory could not be endured— Jesus. shewed himself to his disciples [p. [121]] and they thought it was his a his spirit. & they were afr[a]id to approach his spirit. Angels have advanced higher in knowledge & power than Spirits
had some enemies, but such a man ought not to have had an enemy. I saw him first at . when on my way from to . he sought me out when a stranger. took me to his house. encoura[ge]d & cheered me & give me money— when men are prepared. they are better off to go hence.— has gone to open up a more effectual door for the dead.—
Flesh and blood cannot go there but flesh and bones quickened by the Spirit of God can
If we would be sober. & watch in fasting and prayer. God would tu[r]n away sickness from our midst. Hasten the work of the . and all the work of the Last Days. Let the elders & sai[n]ts do away light mi[n]dedness and be sober.—
<​Ship Timolian [Timoleon]. Capt Plasket [William Plaskett]. Sailed from New Bedford. Bound for Tahiti.— Bro [Noah] Rogers . [Knowlton] Hanks. an[d] saild thereon missionaries to .​> [p. [122]]
10 October 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday Oct 10— 1843.— saw Joseph at dinner table said he would attend municipal court next morning 10 oclock.— [9 lines blank]
President was appointed by the voice of the Spirit. one of the Temple Committee in place of deceased [p. [123]]
11 October 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday oct 11. 1843—— about home A.M.— PM. with . .—
& Ladies to s. [13 lines blank] [p. [124]]
12 October 1843 • Thursday
Thursday 12th.— 1843 towards evening gave a letter fr[o]m to be answered. see ans
Eve prayer Meeting at Joseph’s—— prayd for — sick.— absent. & pres[e]nt.— [6 lines blank] [p. [125]]
13 October 1843 • Friday
Friday 13. 1843 Oct— <​first river [ice?] present last night— ice twice thickness of window glass.—​> At home. anserd letter to —— gave some instructi[o]ns about food at the . 10 A M. Presided at Municipal court— Horace Drown on .
1/4 pa[s]t 12 adjued [adjourned] for din[n]er till 2. in court again till 3— trying a span of gray horses in carriage. a phrenologist came in and exami[n]ed Joseph’s head an hour
very pleasant [p. [126]]
14 October 1843 • Saturday
Saturday 14— Oct—— in the A.M. at home. had a long conversation with a phrenologist. & mesmerizer—
from 11. to 1. in city council— appointed inspector of flour.— [9 or 10 lines blank] [p. [127]]
15 October 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Oct 15[th]. 1843. 11 A.M. cool. calm. cloudy.
east end of the . singing Prayer By. . Joseph— preached.
It is one of the first principles of my life. & one that I have cultivated from my childhood. having been taught it of my father. to allow eve[r]y one the libe[r]ty of conscience. I am the greatest advocate of the C[onstitution] of there is there on the earth. in my feeling <​the​> only fault I can find with it is it is not broad enough to cover the whole ground.
I cannot beleive in any of the creeds of the diffe[re]nt denominati[o]n. because they all have some things in th[e]m I cannot subscribe to though all of them have some thuth [truth]. but I want to come up into the [p. [128]] presence of Good [God] & learn all things. but the creeds set up stakes & say hitherto shalt thou come & no further.— which I cannot subscribe to.
I beli[e]ve the bible, as it ought to be, as it came from the pen of the original writers. as it reads it repented the Lord that he had made man. and. also God is <​not​> a man that he should repent.— which I do not believe.— but it repented Noah. that God made man.— this I beli[e]ve. & then the other quotation stands fair.— if any man will prove to me by one passage of Holy writ. one item I beli[e]ve, to be false. I will renounc[e] it disclaim it far as I have promulged it.—
The first principles of the gospel as I believe. first Faith. Repentance. Baptism for the remission of sins. with the [p. [129]] promise of the Holy Ghost.
Heb 6th. contradictions “Leaving the principles of the doctrine. of c[h]rist.[”] if a man leave the principles of the doctrin of C[hrist] how can he be saved in the principles? a contradiction. I dont beli[e]ve it. I will render it. therefore not leaving the P[rinciples] of the doctrin of c[h]rist. &c. Resurrection of the dead & Eternal judgme[n]t.
one thing to see the kingdom. & another to be in it. must have a change of heart. to see the kingdom of Good [God]. & subs[c]ribe the articles of adoption to enter therein.
no man can <​not​> r[e]ceive the Holy Ghost without r[e]ceiving re[v]elations, The H. G. is a revelator. [p. [130]]
I propecy [prophesy] in the name of the Lord God anguish & wrath & trembulity & tribulati[o]n and the withdrawi[n]g of the spi[r]it of God await this genratin [generation]. until they are visited with utter dissolation. this generation is as corrupt as the geneatin [generation] of the Jews that crucified Christ. and if he were here to day. & should preach the same doctrin he did then they <​why​> they would crufing [crucify] him. I defy all the world. & I prophecy they never will overthrow me till I get ready
on. the economy of this .— I think there is to[o] ma[n]y mercha[n]ts among you more wool and raw materials. & the money be brought him to pay the poor [p. [131]] for manufutuing [manufacturing]— set our women to work & stop th[e]ir spinni[n]g street yarn and talking about spiritual wives.— Send <​your mon[e]y​> out in the country. get grain cattle flax.— &c
I proclaim in the name of the Lord god. that I will have nothing but virtue & integrigrity & uprightness.—
we cannot build up a city on merchadize [merchandise]. I would not run after the mercha[n]ts. I would sow a little flax if I had but a garden and.— lot.
the temporal economy of this peop[l]es should be to establish— manufating [manufacturing] and. not to take usurry. for his mony
I do not wa[n]t to bind the poor here [p. [132]] and starve. go out in the county and get food. & <​in​> cities— and gird up your loins— &c— be sober.
when you— get food retu[r]n if you have.— a mind. to.—
<​some say​> It is better, say some, to give the poor than build the .— the building of the . has keept the poor who were driven from from starving. as has been the best means for this obj[e]ct which could be devised
all ye rich men. of the Latter Day Saints.— from abroad I would invite to br[i]ng up some of their money. <​and give to the .​> we want Iron steell powdrs.— &c—
a good plan to get up a forge. bring in [p. [133]] raw materials. & manuutig [manufacturing] establishig establishme[n]t of all kinds.— surround the rapids—
I never stone stole the value of a pins head or a picayune in my life. & when you are hungry dont steal.— come to me & I will feed you.—
the secrets of masonry. is to keep a secret. it is good economy to entertain stager [strangers]. to entertain sectarians. come up ye sectarian pri[e]sts.— of the eve[r]lasting gospel, as th[e]y call. it & they shall have my pulpit all day.
wo to ye rich men. give to the poor. & then come and ask me for bread. away with all your meanness & be liberal wee need purging. purif[y]ing & cleansing you have— little faith in your elders [p. [134]] get some little simple remedy in the fi[r]st stages—— if you send for a Dr at all send in the first stages
all ye Drs.— who are fools not well read do not understand the human constitution. stop your practice.—
Lawyers who have no business only as you hatch up. would to God you would go to work & <​or​> run away.
1/4 past past 2. closed— [7 lines blank] [p. [135]]
16 October 1843 • Monday
Monday Oct 16.— 1843 about home attending to family concerns.
adjou[rne]d cou[r]t till 17. 8. A.M [14 lines blank] [p. [136]]
17 October 1843 • Tuesday
Oct 17. Tuesday Municipal court 8. A.M. or 9½ [Charles] Drown discharged no one appearing agai[n]st him [14 lines blank] [p. [137]]
18 October 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday oct 18 [15 lines blank]
pleasant.— & comfo[r]table [p. [138]]

Editorial Note
On 19 October, JS asked to accompany him to , Illinois. As they traveled to Ramus later that day, JS mentioned that had “turned quite friendly & kind”—an indirect reference to the tensions JS and Emma had experienced the previous July and August over plural marriage. JS also told Clayton that Emma had recently received significant temple-related ordinances. JS spent the night of 19 October at ’s house in Ramus and, on the following evening, gave a discourse on “the advantages of the E. C. [everlasting covenant]” of eternal marriage, a topic he had addressed with Johnson and his wife, , in May 1843. “He said there was two seals in the Priesthood,” Clayton recorded. “The first was that which was placed upon a man and woman when they made the covenant & the other was the seal which alloted to them their particular mansion.” Following JS’s discourse, “Johnson & his wife were united in an everlasting covenant.”
JS and returned to at two o’clock in the afternoon on 21 October. , unaware of JS’s departure to until 20 October, continued to make notations in JS’s journal but did not indicate JS’s presence in Nauvoo until 22 October.

19 October 1843 • Thursday
Thursday Oct 19. 1843. [15 lines blank] <​. married.—​> warm and pleasant the water has risen about 2 feet in the Missi[ssi]ppi— & is Rising [p. [139]]
20 October 1843 • Friday
Friday October 20 1843. heard that Joseph went to yesterday has not retur[n]ed.
’s Mormonism exposed were fou[n]d in the streets of [England] in great numbers. [5 lines blank]
retur[n]ed from a mission to the east. . with about 100— emigra[n]ts. some of them from — which he fell in with on the way.
warm smoky & strong wind
very dark even[i]ng.— [p. [140]]
21 October 1843 • Saturday
Saturday 21.— [15 lines blank]
ordaind a Joseph Coon in the office as he said by directi[o]n.
pleasa[n]t & cool. [p. [141]]
22 October 1843 • Sunday
Sunday Oct 22.— 1843 Preached 1/2 hour on Poor Rich folks.— at home all day prayer meeti[n]g at 2 P.M.— & [[wife anointed]] 24 Pres[e]nt
. . & arrivd about 11 A.M. on Steam[er] Anawan and many saints [7 lines blank]
Pleasant cool [p. [142]]
23 October 1843 • Monday
Monday Oct 23. [10 lines blank] . began to act in his officce as committee
it is reported that was marid [married] last thu[r]sday eve to Miss [Phebe] Wheeler by Joseph Hedlock.—
Cloudy east wind. [p. [143]]
24 October 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday Oct 24— 1843. [6 lines blank]
1 P.M. & started for to see the Gove and procurd arms for the Legion. [5 lines blank]
A.M. warm and pleasant P.M. wind west. by north— 4— oclock a littl rain and some flakes of snow for the fi[r]st this fall.— [p. [144]]
25 October 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Oct 25. this morni[n]g cold. ice 1/3 of an inch thick— in small bodies of water pleasant A.M. [14 lines blank]
eve cloudy— cold.— [p. [145]]
26 October 1843 • Thursday
Thursday Oct 26. 1843 [16 lines blank]
warm and pleasant— frost last Knight [p. [146]]
27 October 1843 • Friday
Friday Oct 27.— 10 A.M. saw the presidnt in his public room. in convesatin [conversation] with . and who have just retur[ne]d from the south. adjou[r]ned a court one week. and renewed an excutin []. emigration has been great to for some few weeks—
Prayer meeting in the even[in]g at Josephs & [[]]. [[anointed]]— <​said his voice sh[o]uld be heard in streets​> & Joseph spoke. and .
warm and pleasant. [p. [147]]
28 October 1843 • Saturday
Saturday 28 oct 1843. [15 lines blank]
Cold east wind some rain
eve west wind. Dark eve [p. [148]]
29 October 1843 • Sunday
Sunday 29— Oct 1843 and preached south side from 11. A.M. to 2 P.M.— very pleasant.—
called for a collection to get $8.00— for a new Book for th[e] history. and obtaind. and obtaind it Dr $3.00.— Dr voluntaryly came forward any [and?] gave $4.50 hav[in]g given .50 in the subsriptin [subscription] making $5.00. which is to be recorded. on the book purcha[se]d not its date.—
2 PM. or near 4. before all were ready prayer meeti[n]g at the 25. pre[se]nt. Sis. [Lois Lathrop] Cutler. . [Phebe Watrous] Woodworth.—— adjued [adjourned] Wedn[es]day ov[e]r .—— Joseph Taught.
9. A.M. . & ordai[ne]d an elder who was going to Texas.— on business [p. [149]]
30 October 1843 • Monday
Monday october 1843 saw Joseph at 9. A.M at home. orderd court adjud [adjourned] for one week.— & an exeutin [] renewed.—
12 came to the office to attend a court parties agre[e]d to leave it to Bro Flagg and he remited.— [6 lines blank]
<​eve​> orderd a warrant to arrest Moore for breech of ordnanc [ordinance].—
pleasant & cold.— Masons stopped work mostly.— [p. [150]]
31 October 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday October.— 31. 9. <​A.M called at officce.— retu[rn]ed immediately​> Moore brought up. fin[e]d $5.00 by the Mayor. [14 lines blank]
Some snow and the g[r]ound this morni[n]g.
Cold east wind & rain th[ro]ugh th[e] day. [p. [151]]
1 November 1843 • Wednesday
November 1. 1843. Wed
eve. Prayer meeting of 29. present.
Sis[ters]— Fielding [,] [Leonora Cannon] Taylor[,] [Mary Ann Angell] Young. . [[anointed]]—— &c—
Letter & affidavits of Esqr handing handed in the officce for the Neighbor [7 lines blank] [p. [152]]
2 November 1843 • Thursday
Thursday Nov 2 [5 lines blank]
Joseph . . . & had coun[c]il at 10 agre[e]d to write a letter to the 5 candidats for the Presiden[c]y to enquire what their feelig [feelings] were or what their course would be towards the sai[n]ts if they were elected [6 lines blank] [p. [153]]
3 November 1843 • Friday
Friday Nov 3. 1843 [17 lines blank] [p. [154]]
4 November 1843 • Saturday
Saturday Nov 4.— [5 lines blank]
7 eve elder . & scribe called at and read a letter to . Johnsn [Richard M. Johnson]. candidites for the presiden[c]y— approvd [8 lines blank] [p. [155]]
5 November 1843 • Sunday
Sunday November 5— 1843.— Rode out with my & others for her health.
was taken suddenly sick at the dinner table. went to the door & vomited. <​all dinner​> jaws dislocated,— & raised fresh blood.—— eve[r]y symptom of pois[o]n
Prayer meeting eve at the Hall over the . [[Joseph did not dress <​nor ​>]]— gave my clerk to tell . he must find some other Room for his school. [p. [156]]
6 November 1843 • Monday
Monday Nov— 6 busy with domestic concerns [5 lines blank]
P.M. listined to . give a relati[o]n of the his visit to the — & was pleasd
from 1 to 3 oclo[c]k
gave notice. to find another room— and in the eve prepard th[e] tables to move them from the hall
cool for some days [p. [157]]
7 November 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday Nov 7 1843 this morning. & othe[r]s moved the tables from the Hall.— moved them back while— at 9 A.M, <​& ​> called at the & stated that the school disturbed the history & preventd its progress— Joseph said tell he must look out for himself.— your reasons are good. we must have the room. [6 lines blank]
very warm & pleasa[n]t. [p. [158]]
8 November 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday Nov 8— from 9 to 11½ <​A.M.——​> Interv[ie]w with an[d] clerks— read & hea[r]d read the history— then attended to setling some accou[n]ts with individuals who called.
P.M. examined a sample of fringe. desig[ne]d for the pulpits of the . conversed with . L[e]wis. Butler