Letter, Daniel Ketchum to Cahoon, Carter & Co., 1 September 1836

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1st Sept 1836
Messrs & Co
Gentlemen. Having made a disposition of my Stock of Goods in , and located myself in at 58 Nassau Street, I should be happy to see you when you come in town. If I cannot sell you goods I will introduce you to first rate Houses, here If you can do me a small favour by discounting your note of $804, 60/100 I will allow you a good discount and likewise be your humble servant as I am in want of considerable funds to get my affairs well arranged I am obliged ask assistance from those whom I can feel assured are disposed to render me all the favou[r]s you can. If you will do, so please enclose me a draft— direct to 58 Nassaus Street every favour If it be small "is" than[k]fully Recd.
Yours Respectfully
D. O. Ketchum
N. B. If Messr Smith & will do the same I will be much obliged to them for It thar note is $246. 96/100— they are due in decm
You[r]s D. O. K
Please answer me soon [p. [1]]
Messrs & Co.
Geauga County
single [p. [2]]