Letter from Calvin A. Warren, circa 23 June 1842

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June 3rd [23rd] 1842—
Genl. Joseph Smith
Dear Sir, I take this opportunity to inform you of my success in all the Bankrupt cases committed to our care in on the 8th June— Decrees were entered up in every Case— the costs were pretty heavy as they required to be advanced more than I expected—
In each case the expense stands thus——
For advertising first notice in Journal $2.00
" second d[itt]o do 4.00
Clerk on filing petition—— 1.88
" for 1st decree—— 3.02
In 26 cases of decrees the sum was enormous— I shall have the pleasure of seeing you in person next week if health permits—
I had the pleasure of making a 3 hours speech against at the State house for his attack on yourself & — our friends were not dissatisfied with it so far as I have been informed— The Whig, however would make you believe my course towards you is different in private walks— I leave this to your good sense to dispose of as the evidence to you may seem to justify—
The Court appointed Mr. , Assignee for and for the present declines appointing any for ! I think we can yet get our friend the appointment! The Court is in Session yet & will set a day for final hearing & discharge— & on when, the notices will be forwarded for publication—
In haste Very Respectfully &c
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General Joseph Smith
City of
Hancock Co
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