Letter from Edward Hunter, 27 October 1841

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West Nantmeal Chester Co Pa Octr 27th <​1841​>
Beld. Brother
The power of attorney that Margaret Smith gave me could not be recorded in consequence of not being sanctioned by the Judge <​or ​> of the state of , or would have paid part of it, he said If I would present a power according to law he would trye to pay part of it as soon as he could collect it ( will state the situation more full <​& further explane it​>) I have purchaced good & they are packed up in boxes and marked, Ila, I got a bill of drye goods of Fitzgearld, Fry & Co. amounting to <​D​> 1987 .17 ◊◊ Shoes. Caps Boots & Baskets of <​D​> 395.81/100, Stationair 14.16/100 Silks <​D​> 376.72/100 and I gave One hundred Dollars to pay for conveying the goods & expenses, I paid near Eleven hundred Dollars which I borrowed (for the goods) There is a perposial which I wish to make to you if you think proper, that is to take those goods to pay the Eleven hundred Dollars I owe you, and to answer the first payment on , Woodland of 104 acs & 160 acres East of . ½ mile, & s 40 acrs of Woo<​dland​> if you think it proper, perhaps & will take something less <​than they asked​>, do as you thing [think] proper & I will be satisfyed— Brother it wishes to take a Steam Enjine <​to ​> for a flour mill & I would wish to erect a steam Sawmill if I sell my Farms, we wish to have your opinion on that subject— we got home verry well but cost something more than we expected we saw a fine county— our family’s were well, [p. [1]] we were a little longer geting the goods than I expected, in consequence of borrowing the money, but have settled a correspondane [correspondence] in which I think will be beneficial if we make our payments punctual they appear to be Honest Men,— Pleas to tell Margaret Smith that I called on last evening & he appeared more willing to pay & said he was pleased with the words of the power, she gave me & he would pay part of it soon & the remainder as soon as he could with propriety Collect it all the objection was that it had not the Great seal of the State & san[c]tioned by the Judges of the Court will explain it, Mr [James] Ivins’s is in , going out <​to ​> tomorrow they have considerable of merchandize with them
If there is any enough to discharge Dr s Note that is due in the spring that he holds againstt me after you & & 1st pay[m]ent, pay him, or if you see proper to expend it in finishing my hous & I will pay in the Spring when it is due Pleas to Write to me soon I shall be well pleasd to have your opinion on those subjects I am in good health & my family & hope you & all around are well
Yours Sincerely—
Mr Joseph Smith [p. [2]]
<​ Pa. | OCT | 29​>
Jos. Smith Esqr
Hancock County, State of Ilinois [p. [3]]
[blank] [p. [4]]