Letter from Heber C. Kimball, Joseph Fielding, and William Clayton, 25 May 1840

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May 25th. 1840
To the , and of the at
We commend to your notice the bretheren and sisters having <​that have​> commendation commendatory letters from us of this date, that you will do all that you consistently can for them. for I verily believe they have the utmost confidence in you, and will receive with gratitude your ad[v]ice and instruction, and cheerfully submit to the rules and regulations of the church. They have our blessings, and we trust their subsequent conduct will entitle them <​to​> your <​blessings​> also and the church generally.
We rejoice that we can say the work of God here is in a prosperous way, yea, we rejoice greatly at the aspect of the times, expecting the time to be not far distant when the standard of truth will be conspicuously raised throughout this Land. We have witnessed the flowing of the saints towards Zion, the stream has begun and we expect to see it continue running, till it shall have drained the salt or the light from Babylon, when we hope to shout Hosana home.
Dear brethren accept our love, and present it to the church of your bretheren in the
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