Letter, Joseph H. Reynolds to Newel K. Whitney, 7 April 1843

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Mo. April 7th 1843.
Sir— At the request of who is now confined in our jail I write you a few lines concerning his affairs, He is held to bail in the sum of $5000,00, & wishes some of his friends to bail him out, he also wishes some friend to bring his clothes to him, he is in good health and pretty good spirits, he requests me to say to you that he has seven barrels of dried apples & six barrels of green apples at , which you can find by applying to Mr Ivings or [David] Evans or some such name, he wishes you to dispose of the apples as to you may seem fit [blank] My own opinion is, after conversing with several persons here, that it would not be safe for any of ’s friends to come here, notwithstanding I have written the above at his request, neither do I think bail would be taken unless it was some responsible person, well known here as a resident of this [blank] Any letter to (post paid) with authority expressed on the back for me to open it will be handed to him without delay. [blank] In the meantime he will be humanely treated and dealt with kindly, until discharged by due course of law.
Yours &c.
Mr [p. [1]]
<​ Mo APR 8​>
— for Apr. 7 1843
April 7, 1843
to [p. [2]]


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