Letter of Introduction from John Howden, 27 October 1838, in Handwriting of John Howden

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[This may certify tha]t during the [year of eighteen hundred and] [thirty seven I ha]d dealings with Messr Joseph Smith [and] [] together with other members of <​the​> Society [to the amount of abo]ut Three Thousand Dollars and [during the spring of] Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Eight [I have received my pay] in full of Col to [my satisfaction. And I] would here remark that It is due [Messrs Smith & &] the Society generally. to say that [they have ever dealt ho]norable and fair with [me] and [I have received as good] treatment from them as I have recvd [from any other society] in this vicinity. and so far as I [have been correctly infor]med and made Known of their [business transactions] generally they have so far as I can [judge been honorable and] Honest and have made every [exertion to arrange & s]ettle their affairs & I would further [state that the closing u]p of my business with said Societ[y] [has been with their] Agent appointed b[y] [them for that purpose] and I consider It highly due Col [Granger from me her]e to state that he has acted Wisely [and honestly with m]e in all his business with me [and has accomplish]ed more than I could have [reasonably expecte]d. I have also been made acquainted [with his business in thi]s section and wherever he has [been called upon to] act he has done so and with [good management he] has accomplished and [effected a close of a v]erry large Amount business [for said society] and as I believe to the entire[satisfaction of all] Concerned
[ Geauga Co] Ohio
[Oct] 27th 1838
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    TEXT: Page badly damaged; text supplied from James Mulholland’s copy of the letter in JS Letterbook 2.