Letter to Church Brethren, 15 June 1835

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June 15, 1835
Dear brethren in the Lord,
I send you my love and warmest wishes for your prosperity in the great cause of our Redeemer.
We are now commencing to prepare and print the New Translation, together with all the revelations which God has been pleased to give us in these last days, and as we are in want of funds to go on with so great and glorious a work, brethren <​we​> want you should donate and loan us all the means or money you can that we may be enable[d] to accomplish the work as a great means towards the salvation of Men.
My love to my relatives &c
your brother in the bonds of the .
Joseph Smith Jr [p. [1]]


  1. 1

    See Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 400 [Alma 61:14].  

  2. 2

    This could be read as suggesting that the Bible revision would be part of the Doctrine and Covenants. However, earlier discussions indicate that the revision was meant to be a separate, stand-alone volume. An April 1833 letter stated that the revision would “go to the world together in a volume by itself,” and an April 1834 revelation instructed that a separate copyright be obtained for it. Moreover, when a council established a committee in September 1834 to prepare the Doctrine and Covenants for publication, the council foresaw that volume as containing “the doctrine of Jesus Christ for the government of the church of Latter-Day Saints,” taken from “the bible, book of mormon, and the revelations which have been given to the church up to this date.” The Bible revision was not mentioned as a part of the book. (Letter to Church Leaders in Jackson Co., MO, 21 Apr. 1833; Revelation, 23 Apr. 1834 [D&C 104]; Minutes, 24 Sept. 1834.)  

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    The term “new covenant” (also referred to as “everlasting Covenant” or “new and everlasting covenant”) generally referred to the “fulness of [the] Gospel,” or the sum total of the church’s message, geared toward establishing God’s covenant people on the earth. (See Revelation, 29 Oct. 1831 [D&C 66:2]; Revelation, 1 Nov. 1831–B [D&C 1:15, 22]; Revelation, 12 July 1843, in Revelations Collection, CHL [D&C 132:4, 6, 19, 26–27, 41]; and JS History, vol. D-1, 1551; see also “Everlasting covenant” in the glossary.)  

    JS History / Smith, Joseph, et al. History, 1838–1856. Vols. A-1–F-1 (original), A-2–E-2 (fair copy). Historian’s Office, History of the Church, 1839–ca. 1882. CHL. CR 100 102, boxes 1–7. The history for the period after 5 Aug. 1838 was composed after the death of Joseph Smith.