Letter to Israel Daniel Rupp, 5 June 1844

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, Illinois, June 5, 1844
Dear Sir: “He pasa Ekklesia” &c, together with your note, has safely reached me: and I feel very thankful for so valueable a treasure.The design, is good: the propriety, the wisdom of letting every sect tell its own story; and the elegant manner in which the work appears, have filled my breast with encomiums of upon it, wishing you God’s speed. Although all is not gold that shines, any more than every religions creed is not sanctioned with the so eternally sure word of prophesy, satisfying, all doubt— with “Thus saith the Lord, yet, by p[r]oving contrarreties, truth is made manifest,” and a wise man can search out the “old paths,” wherein righteous men held communion with Jehovah, and were exalted. <​through & obediane [obedience], which is better than, easier than by mensmade creeds.​>
I shall be pleased to furnish further information, at a proper time, and render you such furthr service as the work, and vast extension of the <​our​> church may demand, for the benefit of truth, virtue, and holy holiness.
Your work will be suitably noticed in our paper,<​for you benefit.​>
With great respect I have the honor to be your Obt Sert
Joseph Smith
Lancaster City)
Pa) [p. [1]]
Copy of a Letter to
June 5 1844
, June 5th. 1844
Joseph Smith to [page [2] blank] [p. [2]]


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