Letter to Orson Hyde, 25 May 1844

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May 25th. 1844
Mr Esqr
Yours of April 30th is received. The council convened this after noon, and after investigation directed an answer, which must be brief to correspond with a press of business.
All the items you refer to had previously received the deliberation of the council.
Messrs and , will doubtless be in before you receive this, by <​frm​> whom you will learn all things relative to . &c.— Our great battle <​succss​> at. present, <​depends on our faith in​> must grow out of the Doctrine of Election, this, <​and For works we shall and our faith must be made manifest by​> once won, all o , &c will be play things. <​our works, and every honorable exertion made to elect Gen Smith.—​> comparatively. Gen Smith must be presedent.
Agricultural pursuits will take care of themselves, and regulate <​regulating​> their own operations, and the rich also, but the poor we must gather and take care of, for they are to inherit the kingdom.
will be a “corner stake of Zion.” forever, we most assuredly expect.— Here is the and the ordinances extend where else we may.
Press the bills through <​the Two houses​> if possible, but <​&​> <​if​> Congress will not pass them let them do as they are <​have​> a mind to. with them.— If they will not pass our bills, & but will give us “something,” they will give what they please & we <​it will​> will <​be at our option to​> accept or reject as we please. [p. [1]]
Men who are afraid of “hazarding their influence” in the council or in the <​political arena​> field are good for nothing. Tis the fearless <​and united & persuing​> who will <​gain the​> conquer. <​conquests of the forum​>
Esqr is about to resign the office of Post <​office​> Master. at , in favor of Joseph Gen Joseph Smith, the founder of the . He <​who​> has the oldest petitions now on file in the Gen Post office for that station, and has evey unbonded claim, <​over evey other petitins,​> by creation, by <​being the founder &​> <​support of the , & by​> the voice of 19/20ths of the people. and evey sacred consideration, and <​it is the wish of the councl that​> you will engage the delegation, to <​use their influnc to​> secure the office to Gen Smith, without fail, & have them ready to act <​on the arrival of​> s. resignatin arrives and before too, if expedient.—
All is going well in the election— & at .— Some little upstirs among the Anties— but ’tis great cry and little wool <​We​>Gen Smith <​have also​> <​also​> is also writing <​written​> to Esqr U. S. attorney for the district of , who is enlisted <​has kindly​> <​offerd his service​> to secure the Post office to Gen the general, <​he having been here & seen for himself the our situatin​> and probably his letter to the department will arrive nearly as soon as this.
The Election <​on the pricpls [principles] of Jerffersons Democracy. Fre trade &. potectin [protection] & p◊◊◊◊◊ [personal?] property ​> is gaining ground in evey quarter. All is well at , although some of the anties are Trying to do us anjury [injury], but their efforts are palsied; They make very little head way You remember the Preston motto “Truth will prevail.” therefore we go ahead.
You have the best wishes of the council & frends here
By order of the Council— I am sir most respctfully— Yours.—
, Recorder— [p. [2]]
N. B your famili[e]s and frie[n]ds were are well, last informati[o]n.—
May 25 1844
Copy.— To for Counsel [¾ page blank] [p. [3]]
, May 25th 1844
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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Jonathan Grimshaw.