Minutes, 15 January 1836

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Friday Morning January 15, 1836, met pursuant to adjournment and after J. Smith Junr had organized the council, he proceeded to give many good instructions in relation to the order & manner of conducting the council and also delivered a solemn charge to the counsel after which he opened by prayer and presided as before.
President J. Smith Junr one of the committee to draft rules for the regulation of the , made the report of said committee by reading the laws or rules they had drafted three times. Th[e]y were approved and unanimously adopted. and the counsil adjourned one hour.
Met at the expiration of the time aforesaid and proceeded to business without ceremony. [p. 203]
was nominated to be of the in , Seconded and carried with out opposition.
, was nominated for president of the of in , seconded and voted unanimously that he serve in that capacity.
The of nominated to be president of the in . This nomination was seconded and carried unanimously.
was nominated for president of the , vote not carried
was nominated for president of the Teachers, seconded and vote carried unanimously
was nominated to be president of the in this place, motion seconded and carried by a unanimous vote.
President proceeded to and to the respective offices to which they had been chosen, and pronounced great blessings upon them.
of then proceeded to ordain , & and pronounced many blessings upon them, according to their offices & standing.
Moved seconded & voted that all the quorums take their turn in performing the office of door keeper in the .
Moved seconded and voted that by each quorum that Amos Orton, & be appointed assistant door keepers
Motioned, seconded & voted that the Presidencey of the hold the keys of the except the keys of one vestry which shall be held by the [p. 204]
Motioned and seconded that the Laws regulating the go into effect from this time, and that Elder take it upon him to see that they are enforced, giving him the privilege of calling as many as he choose to assist him.——
Moved, seconded and voted that this council adjourn sine die— Charge & Prayer By President .
, Clerk. [p. 205]


  1. 1

    See Minutes, 13 Jan. 1836. According to JS’s journal, the meeting commenced at nine in the morning. (JS, Journal, 15 Jan. 1836.)  

  2. 2

    According to JS’s journal, JS “made some observation respecting the order of the day, and the great responsibility we are under to transact all our business, in righteousness before God, inasmuch as our desisions will have a bearing upon all mankind and upon all generations to come.” (JS, Journal, 15 Jan. 1836.)  

  3. 3

    See Rules and Regulations, 14 Jan. 1836.  

  4. 4

    The account in JS’s journal indicates that there was some disagreement and discussion about the rules and regulations before they were finally adopted by a unanimous vote. (JS, Journal, 15 Jan. 1836.)  

  5. 5

    According to JS’s journal, the council adjourned at noon and resumed its meeting at one in the afternoon. (JS, Journal, 15 Jan. 1836.)  

  6. 6

    Don Carlos Smith was first nominated to be ordained a high priest before being nominated and accepted to serve as the president of the high priests quorum. (JS, Journal, 15 Jan. 1836.)  

  7. 7

    Newel K. Whitney.  

  8. 8

    Meaning, the vote was not unanimous, as required by previous revelation. (See Revelation, July 1830–B [D&C 26:2]; and Revelation, Sept. 1830–B [D&C 28:13].)  

  9. 9

    JS’s journal notes that Hyrum Smith also participated in the ordinations of and blessings given to Don Carlos Smith and Beman. (JS, Journal, 15 Jan. 1836.)  

  10. 10

    JS’s journal notes that Whitney’s counselors in the bishopric, Reynolds Cahoon and Vinson Knight, also participated in the ordination and blessing of Cowdery, Olney, and Bond. (JS, Journal, 15 Jan. 1836.)  

  11. 11

    On 13 January 1836, the grand council appointed Milliken and Carrico as doorkeepers. Milliken declined the appointment for health reasons, and he was released from the position. Milliken may have reconsidered declining the office and accepted the appointment given this day. (JS, Journal, 13 Jan. 1836.)  

  12. 12

    JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams presided over the Kirtland high council. (Minutes, 17 Feb. 1834; see also “Church Officers in the Kirtland Stake.”)  

  13. 13

    Corrill, a member of the Missouri bishopric, had been appointed to oversee “the finishing of the Lord’s house.” (Corrill, Brief History, 22.)