Minutes, 16 March 1835

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Ohio March 16th 1835
A. was called for business.
Present Joseph Smith Junr.)Presiding
Opened by prayer of J. Smith Junr. The following charge or complaint against certain brethren therein named was presented by .
To the president of the High council of the church of Latter Day Saints in . Brother, it having come to my knowledge that there is a difficulty existing between brethren, (Viz.) , & , which is injurious to the cause of truth among us. I have made an exertion to reconcile them to each other, but to no effect, I therefore lay the case before the council for decision.
<​J. Smith Junr.​>
March 16 1835
Counsellor being the Complainant , one of the Presidents of the was substituded in his room. It was voted that six Counsellors speak on the case.
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opened the case in few words stating that the matter being so intricate that he could not bring it as a charge against any one of these brethren particularly, and the brethren severally were called upon to make their own remarks. After this the counsellors severally spoke, and the complainant and the accused made their remarks, when the case was submitted, being short, spoke one hour When J. Smith Junr proceeded to give decision After speaking to considerable extent said: The decision is, that as well as be rebuked and stand reproved, until they openly acknowledge before the , that they have injured by speaking evil of his character, and conduct without any just ground or occasion, and that as has heretofore declared before the Church, that he has not murmured nor complained, because he has not received pay for working on the , to his satisfaction, and it is known to the contrary, that he be as frank in acknowledging this fact, as he has been in making the declaration. The vote was then taken and passed by unanimous voice, and the closed by prayer of President .
The next council will be arranged as follows:
clerk of Council [p. 85]


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    That is, Frederick G. Williams spoke briefly.