Minutes, 2 August 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Thompson]

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1842. Augt 2nd.
<​abt 80 yds from Bns House to Prisrs—​>
Pr threatened Witness, & did not appear intoxicated, & has seen him intoxicated before, & did not smell his breath to have smell of Whiskey.
James Brown was alarmed by a female (abt 12 oC. at Noon on this day Aug 2nd. 1842.)— telling him she heard Cries of Murder. then went to Thompsons, saw him through a Window have his left arm abt the neck of a & his right hand (as appeared to him in the Act of pulling up her Clothes <​she was in tears & Crying out loud to be heard by the neighbors​>— Prisr obened opened Door on being asked to do so, he said he was trying to get her to tell what his Wife was doing on the Island last Winter.
She said Prisoner had not interrupted her, but that he had scared her.)—
her Clothes were Ruffled.—)
Ecd— by Prisr— sd Pr told him he was striving to get her to tell what her Mother was doing on the Island.
Elizh Berkett.— was in the <​back​> Room in Witness Browns House, Brown was in another Room, she went & told Brown when she heard the Cries of Murder twice, & sent him to Prisrs House,
Homer Jackson— was in Browns the <​Browns​> House & heard Shouts, & ran out, saw Brown going towards Prisrs House, & Brown called on Witness to go on, Witness went to the Prisrs House, Brown Ordered door open, it was opened. [p. [1]]
Alexdr Stephens— Was in a Room in Mrs Browns House heard the Voice, (one Scream,) went out, heard the voice, Brown & Jackson were abt 1/2 way to Prisrs House, he followed, got to see into Window, Brown put his head into Window, & ordered Door to be opd, Prisr did so.— Prisr answered Brown as Brown stated, & was in Tears, & said he wanted to kiss her— Br accused Pr of attempting a Rape, he gave Brown the lie <​& got an old Spade or ash Shovel​>, Brown got him down, he threatened Brown that he would catch it thereafter.
Warren Smith— stept out of his House <​abt 120 yds from Prs House​> abt time affray took place, abt 200 yds, he ran to House, he saw Br & as going. Bn ordered Door opened or he wd break it.— was in distress & her Clothes ruffled, & Bed tossed, she appeared in distress saw Pr intoxicated a good many times, & did not appear intoxicated at this time.— nor as he did <​appear​> on former occasions.—
Stephen Page— Saw Bn at Prs door,— had first heard a female Voice, Screach out, distance abt 60 yards.— [p. [2]]
,— <​is Married​> Prisr acted to her as Br Brown said, he did not attempt any improper privileges with her. Pr is her Stepfather, was in house an hour or two, he shut Door, he had been drinking, she was frightened when he took hold of her, was sitting by the Bed when he first attacked her, put his Arm round her or over her shoulder, did not sit down upon her lap, wanted some acknowledgments of what her Mother done on Island, had not kissed her when Bn came to House, but was insisting on a kiss, he sd if she wd let him kiss her he wd let her alone, she did not let him, she was in Tears, cant say whether he was in the Act of endeavoring to pull up her Clothes.— Pr did not tell her he expected to be taken up for it.— her Mother returned home before she went <​away​> which was some time after, & Pr did not tell her Mother any thing of it.— [p. [3]]
1842 August 2nd..—
City of ) Notes of Evidence.
Wm. Thompson)
[p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.