Minutes, 26 December 1833

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This day at evening, a was called to take into consideration the case of Bro. an of the , who had brought said many hard things against , the of the church— he said that was not fit for a Bishop and that he treated the Brethren, who came into the , with disrespect that he was overbearing and fain would walk on the necks of the Bretheren &c—— [p. 25]
Bro. Story was also in a Similar transg[r]ession. They were both rebuked sharply by & Bro Joseph who told them that this must feel the wrath of God except they repent of their Sins, cast away their murmurings and complainings one of another. &c. &c. & Bro. Story confessed their wrongs. and all forgave one another & closed by praying to the Lord for his blessings to rest upon us
Dec 26. 1833
, Clk [p. 26]


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    Likely Isaac Storey.  

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    Hyde was also the clerk for the disciplinary councils held earlier in the day.