Minutes, 3 July 1834

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July 3. 1834.
The of assembled for the purpose of organizing a , agreeable to the revelation for the purpose of settling important business that might come before them which could not be settled by the and his .
Proceeded to make choice of the . It was agreed that should be first President and to be assisted by and ,— and the following High Priests as Councellors,
. .
. .
After which the meeting adjourned to meet on monday the 8th inst.
<​Clerk​> [p. 43]


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    This probably refers to a vision that JS said he had prior to the organization of the Kirtland high council and that showed him “the order of Councils in ancient days.” The revelation mentioned could also be a November 1831 revelation that authorized the president of the high priesthood “to call other high priests even twelve to assist as counsellors” when dealing with “the most important business of the church & the most difficult cases of the church.” (Minutes, 17 Feb. 1834; Revelation, 11 Nov. 1831–B [D&C 107:78–79]; see also Revised Minutes, 18–19 Feb. 1834 [D&C 102].)  

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    In 1834, 8 July was actually a Tuesday. At some point, someone—likely Andrew Jenson, assistant church historian from 1897 to 1941—wrote the numeral “7” in pencil over the “8.” For more information on when this meeting was actually held, see Historical Introduction to Minutes and Discourse, ca. 7 July 1834.