Minutes, 4 June 1833

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A of met in on the 4th of June 1833— in the translating room and took into consideration how the should be disposed of the councel could not agree who should take the charge of it but all agreed to enquire of the lord accordinly we received a revelation which decided that broth[e]r should take the charge thereof and also that brothr be admited as a member of the accordingly he was unto the and admited.
<​ Clk P.T. [pro tempore]​> [p. 13]


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    For more information on the acquisition of the Peter French farm, see Minutes, 23 Mar. 1833–A; and Geauga Co., OH, Deed Records, 1795–1921, vol. 17, pp. 38–39, 359–360, 10 Apr. 1833, microfilm 20,237, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL.  

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    Revelation, 4 June 1833 [D&C 96].  

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    The United Firm was formally organized in April 1832 at a conference held in Jackson County, Missouri, and was responsible for managing the business and publishing affairs of the church. The firm operated through two branches, one in Missouri and one in Ohio. For a more detailed discussion of the United Firm, see Revelation, 1 Mar. 1832 [D&C 78]; Revelation, 26 Apr. 1832 [D&C 82]; Revelation, 15 Mar. 1833 [D&C 92]; Minutes, 26–27 Apr. 1832; and Minutes, 30 Apr. 1832.