Minutes, 5–6 September 1840

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September 5th 1840 High Council met in council at the office of Joseph Smith jr
Resolved. That be appointed a member of this High Council, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of .
Joseph Smith jr against .
The charge was predicated upon the authority of two letters, one from , the other from and accusing him (A) with the following charges.
1st For stating that Joseph jr had extravagantly purchased three suitfs of cloths, while he was at and that had [p. 76] purchased four suits at the same place, besides dresses and cloths for their families in profusion.
2nd For having stated that Joseph Smith jr, and had stated that they were worth $100.000 each while they were at & that Joseph Smith jr had reported <​repeated​> the same thing statement while at and for stating that had stated that he also, was worth as much as they (iE) 100,000
3nd For holding secret Council in the , in , and for locking the doors of the , for the purpose of prohibiting certain brethr brethren, in good standing, in the Church, from being in the Council. thereby depriving them the use of the .
Two were appointed to speak on the case, namely (7) (8) .
Council adjourned till the 6th of Sept at 2’ o’clock
Sept. 6th 1840. Council met according to adjournment. When the evidences were all heard on the case pending and the council closed on both sides the parties spoke at length after which Prest J. Smith jr withdrew the [p. 77] the charge and both parties were reconciled together things being adjusted to the satisfaction of both parties.
Clerk pro tem. [p. 78]