Minutes, circa 1 June 1833

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, 18th March 1833
3 June 1833——
A of convened in at the Translating room opened the conference by prayer first case before the confernce was that of who was accused of unchristian conduct with the female sex while on a mission to the east it was decided that his commission be taken from him and that he be no longer a member of the
The next case before the conference was to assertain what should be the dimention or size of the that is to be built for a hou[se] of worship and the and received a revelation on th[e] size of the the word of the lord was that it shall be fifty five feet wide and sixty five feet long— in the inner court and the conferen[c]e appointed Bro Joseph Smith Jr and to obtain a draft or construction of the inner court of the house
<​ Clk P T. [pro tempore]​> [p. 12]


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    Benjamin Winchester, in a pamphlet designed to discredit Hurlbut and his research regarding JS and the Book of Mormon, wrote: “He [Hurlbut] made several converts in Crawford county, Pa. He frequently called, and stayed over night, at my father’s, which afforded me an opportunity of forming a correct estimate of the man. The church ultimately lost their confidence in him, in consequence of . . . numerous peccadillos, disgraceful to the man, and calculated to bring upon him the reproach of every lover of virtue and correct morals; so much so, that he was cast off from the church, and his license taken from him by the conference.” George A. Smith later explicitly stated that Hurlbut had been “expelled from the Church for Adultery.” (Winchester, Plain Facts, 6; George A. Smith, Autobiography, 11.)  

    Winchester, Benjamin. Plain Facts, Shewing the Origin of the Spaulding Story, concerning the Manuscript Found, and Its Being Transformed into the Book of Mormon; with a Short History of Dr. P. Hulbert, the Author of the Said Story . . . Re-published by George J. Adams, Minister of the Gospel, Bedford, England. To Which Is Added, a Letter from Elder S. Rigdon, Also, One from Elder O. Hyde, on the Above Subject. Bedford, England: C. B. Merry, 1841.

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    Revelation, 1 June 1833 [D&C 95:14–17].  

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    See Historical Introductions to Revelation, 1 June 1833 [D&C 95]; and to Plan of the House of the Lord, between 1 and 25 June 1833.