Pay Order to Edward Partridge for William Smith, 21 February 1838–A

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Febuary 21st 1838
Received of one hundeed Dollars in Lands to apply on the debts in agreeable To the directions of the presidaccy there fore
Mr Sir
Please to pay the bearer One hundred Dollars in money or Lands as shall accommodate and oblige yours
Joseph Smith Jun.
there agent [p. [1]]


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    Through various partnerships—such as Rigdon, Smith & Co.a—JS and Rigdon had contracted much of the debt that church leaders incurred in their attempt to develop the economy of the Mormon community in Kirtland Township.b Frederick G. Williams, who had served as the second counselor in the First Presidency, had been less involved in business activities. In fact, JS and Rigdon assumed some of the business he previously supervised, as reflected in the transfer of the church printing company from the firm F. G. Williams & Co. to O. Cowdery & Co. and then to JS and Rigdon (and eventually to William Marks).c In November 1837, Williams was replaced by Hyrum Smith as the third member of the general church presidency.d Hyrum Smith had not incurred business debts; in fact, he donated land or money to Marks to help JS and Rigdon.e  

    Yankee Farmer. Portland, ME. 1836–1837.

    Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Kirtland, OH. Oct. 1834–Sept. 1837.

    (aSee, for example, “Mormonism in Ohio,” Yankee Farmer [Portland, ME], 4 Feb. 1837, 38; and Rigdon, Smith & Co., Store Ledger.bStatement of Account from Hitchcock & Wilder, between 9 July and 6 Nov. 1838.c“Notice,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, June 1836, 2:329–330; “Notice,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, Feb. 1837, 3:458–459; Advertisement, LDS Messenger and Advocate, Mar. 1837, 3:480; “Notice,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, Apr. 1837, 3:496.dMinutes, 7 Nov. 1837.e“List of Demands on J Smith & S. Rigdon,” 1 Feb.–19 Apr. 1838, JS Collection, CHL.)