Petition from John Workman and Others, circa 11 March 1843

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To the Honrable City Council of the City of Hancock c[oun]ty Ilinois greeting
We the citizens or a portion of the citizens of the & affore sd do petition that the Council take in to concideration the following proposition viz that of opening the strets caled Ripley Next street south of Mulhollon [Mulholland] street we the inhabitan[t]s of that portion of the through which sd Riply street runs do petition as follows viz that sd Riply street be opened by order of this council from the New York store one mild [mile] East or as far as this council may think wisdom we the citizens as afforesd do believe that the a complyance withe the above petition will inhance the value of the benefit of and convenience of this part of the sd & can in no wise be detrimental as we can see to any other portion of sd And we now submit the same to wise concideration of the City Council and in the decision of which we feel in duty bound will ever pray &c
Isaac Ashton Adam x Pelkington
Simeon Thayer Wm W Rust
Samuel Simpson Ethan Barney
Horace Roberts
William Jenkens
Lewis Robbins
S[amuel] Billings Chandler Holbrook
Samuel, R. Horten
Thomas Richmond
Eben Smith John Runolds
Wm. C. Walker .
Wm. Thompson John P Smith
Samuel G Smith
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William Pitt
Joseph Fisher
George D Van Beck W Allen
Chas. Warner
Phl [Philemon] Merrill Wm Holdridge
O[smyn] M. Dewel Wm Orr
Wm. H. Woodbury Thomas Speirs
John Pirce
T. W. Treat
<​No 2.​>
<​at expence of & ors Petrs.—​>
<​11 Mar 1843​> [p. [3]]
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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Notation in undentified handwriting.