Receipt from William White, 23 April 1840

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Hancock Co Ills
April 23rd. 1840
$1041— 67½
Received of Mr Joseph Smith Jr the Sum of one thousand and forty one 67½/100 dollars being the amount of money due me by for which I gave him a bond for a deed— for eighty nine and one half acres <​of land​>— which the said purchased from me—
As Soon as the bond is given up to me I promise to make to the said Joseph Smith Jr a deed for the above eighty nine and one half acres which is situate near in the County of and State of — as described and set forth in said bond
Witness my hand and seal this twenty third day of April A D 1840
Acknowledged in)
presence of)
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    Signature of William White.  

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    Endorsement in the handwriting of Robert B. Thompson.