Resolutions from Nauvoo Second Ward, 11 December 1843

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At a public meeting of the citizens of the Second Ward, according to privious notice, on the 11th of Dec 1843 at the Brick yard the object of the meeting was briefly Stated by whereupon was called to the chair and appointed secratary, when, after the subject of the situation of the was taken into consideration, relative to the threatning & hostile attitude of and the mobocratic disposition of some of the citizens of this , in aiding and abetting the Missourians in their diabolical and oppresive practice of kidnaping peaceable <​citizens​> of this &c &c &c and the necesity of a more sure and certain order of guarding the peace and safety of the citizens of
1st Resolved that it be the sense of this meeting that the city Council take such measures as to cause to be raised a company of about forty men rank and file who shall act as a police and be continually in service, according to the directions of the Mayor and said Company to be governed by ordinance of the City Council
2nd Resolved that the be the person appointed to present the proceedings of this meeting to the city Council on Tuesday the 12th inst Adjd sine die.
Secretary— [p. [1]]
Decr. 11th. 1843
Resolutions passed by the Inhabitants of the Second Ward regarding protecting the Citizens of
<​Read Dec 12, 1843 and Ordnane [ordinance] Passd in Reply.​> [p. [2]]


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