Venire Facias, 2 March 1844 [State of Illinois v. Greene et al.]

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State of Illinois) sct. [scilicet]—
City of )
The people of the State of to the of said Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to notify and summon Joseph Smith, mayor of said <​and​> , , , , , , , and , Alde[r]en of said to Appere and be in session on <​in​> Municipal Court at the Mayors office in said on wednesday the 3d day of March— 1844.— at one Occlok P. M. hereof— fail not and have you therein this notice —
Witness my hand and Seal of cou[r]t this 2d day of march 1844.
, clerk.—
[seal] [p. [1]]
Summons for Court— Habeu[s] corpus Ap[r]il 1— 1844
Sumoned nine of the within, fee 25 Cent per, 2.25
April 4th <​3​> 1844
to R Huntington is hear by [illegible] to Execute the within
C M [p. [2]]


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    TEXT: Embossed seal, “MUNICIPAL COURT City of Nauvoo Il”.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Notations in handwriting of John P. Greene.