William D. Huntington, Report, circa 2 October 1843

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DEATHS—For the week ending Monday the 2nd inst. [2 Oct. 1843]
Don Carlos Smith Worthington, 1y 4m 7d; flux.
Rozetta Bates, 1y 1m 12d; asthma.
Isaac Morison, 10m; diarrhea.
Betsey C. Spaulding, 4m 9d; dropsy in the head.
Nancy M. Phelps, 7m 6d; diarrhea.
John McKeller, 38y; billious fever.
Mary Jane Clark, 8y 8m 26d; scarlot fever.
Emma Jane Banister, 5m 26d; consumption.
Enoch L. Milam, 10m, 20d; measles.
Mariah Roby, 1y 8m 2d; diarrhea.
Edward T. Jinkins, 7m; canker.
Harriet Newel Marsh, 25y; chill fever.
Alfred Alexander A. Smith, 11m 24d; cutting teeth.
Eliza Scofield, 19d; conrulion [convulsion] fits.
Emma Clark, 3y 10m 14d; diarrhea.
Catharine Theresa Forgeus, 5y 4m 7d; scarlet fever.
Priscilla Dalinger, 10m: diarrhea.
Abram Greenhalgh, 9m; chill fever.
Total 18.
, Sexton. [p. [3]]