Errata for Documents, Volume 2

This sheet identifies errors found in Documents, Volume 2: July 1831–January 1833. Minor errors, such as in the format of source citations, are not reported. The errors reported here occur in all printings of the volume and have been corrected in the transcripts, annotation, and reference material presented on this site. This sheet will be updated as additional errors are found. Please report additional errors by emailing
Page xxiv, note 51. Change “Minute Book 2, 26–27 Apr. 1832” to “Minutes, 26–27 Apr. 1832, p. 231 herein”.
Page xxv, note 54. Change “Revelation Book 1, p. 57” to “Revelation Book 1, p. 56”.
Page 19, note 93. Change final citation to “Sidney Rigdon, Kirtland, OH, to ‘the Saints,’ 31 Aug. 1831, copy, Sidney Rigdon, Collection, CHL”.
Page 21, note 109. Change “Minute Book 2, 4 Aug. 1831” to “Minutes, 4 Aug. 1831, p. 22 herein”.
Page 31, note 155. Change “see also “Articles of the Church of Christ,” June 1839, in JSP, D1:369” to “see also Articles and Covenants, ca. Apr. 1830, in JSP, D1:116 [D&C 20]”.
Page 31, note 158. Change this footnote to “JS History, vol. A-1, 139; se also Knight, Reminiscences, 9; Edward Partridge, Independence, MO, to Lydia Clisbee Partridge, 5–7 Aug. 1831, Edward Partridge, Letters, 1831–1835, CHL.”
Page 43, caption. Change “Cincinnati’s waterfront on the Missouri River” to “Cincinnati’s waterfront on the Ohio River”.
Page 52, note 292. Change spelling of “David Elliot” to “David Elliott”.
Page 52, note 292. Add as the first citation: “Revelation, 1 Aug. 1831, p. 19 herein [D&C 58:44]”.
Page 59, note 326. Add two citations: “Articles and Covenants, ca. Apr. 1830, in JSP, D1:124 [D&C 20:64]; Revelation 6 June 1831, in JSP, D1:330 [Da7C 52:28]”.
Page 59, line 5. Add “[p. 5]” after “Clerk of Con.”
Page 78, line 6. Add “[p. 9]” after “Clerk of Conference.”
Page 85, note 78. Change “Historian’s Office, Journal History of the Church” to “Historical Department, Journal History of the Church”.
Page 93, note 125. Add “[D&C 81:2]” after citation for Revelation, 15 Mar. 1832.
Page 96, line 15. After “sometime on 1 November”, add footnote: “Revelation, 1 Nov. 1831–A, p. 98 herein [D&C 68].”
Page 140, note 395. Change “John Whitmer handwriting begins.” to “Insertions in handwriting of John Whitmer.”
Page 140, note 396. Change this footnote to read: “John Whitmer assigned this number to the revelation after it was recorded in Revelation Book 1.”
Page 140, note 397. Remove this footnote.
Page 145, line 28. Change en-dash to em-dash: “Dec. 1— 1831”.
Page 156, note 75. Add citation: “see also Revelation, 4 Dec. 1831–A, p. 150 herein [D&C 72:5]”.
Page 168, line 17. Move “$1058.34” down one line.
Page 175, lines 7–10. These four lines (”In consequence ... by his request.”) should not be included with the block indent. Begin the block indent with “Minuets of a Special Conference”.
Page 177, note 182, line 4. Change “In addition, an August 1831 revelation...” to “In addition, another August 1831 revelation...”.
Page 198, line 17. Add space after em-dash: “March 1— 1832”.
Page 236, line 19. After “[appointed]” insert the following footnote: “John Whitmer later inserted “appointed” here.”
Page 245, note 254. Change “see also 238n226 herein” to “see also 238n227 herein”.
Page 249, note 270. Change “see also 251n274 herein” to “see also 251n275 herein”.
Page 257, line 8. Remove slash in front of footnote 290 indicator.
Page 257, note 292. Change footnote to read: “Address in handwriting of Newel K. Whitney.”
Page 262, note 308. Remove this footnote.
Page 262, note 310. Change “see also 251n280 herein” to “see also 251n281 herein”.
Page 262, note 312. Change “see 232n189 herein” to “see 232n190 herein”.
Page 277, lines 13–14. Delete “and dismissal as a scribe”.
Page 282, line 17. Canceled text should be “about that time my mother and”.
Page 290, line 23. Change “A revelation of that date” to “This revelation”.
Page 307, line 12. Change “Oct 12<13> 1832” to “Oct 12 <13> 1832”.
Page 313, line 33. Remove slash in front of footnote 127 indicator.
Page 313, note 127. Combine this footnote with note 128 to read “Postage rate in red ink in unidentified handwriting.”
Page 316, note 144. Change citation to “JS, Journal, 27 Nov. 1832, in JSP, J1:9.”
Page 319, line 4. Change “read the reccord of eternity” to “read the round of eternity”.
Page 320, line 24. Change “sound of Eternity” to “round of Eternity”.
Page 321, line 7. Change “[Jacques]” to “[Jaques]”. Make the same spelling correction in note 169.
Page 332, line 6 of caption. Change “Andersen” to “Anderson”.
Page 357, note 404. Change “Old Testament Revision 1, p. 1 [Moses 1:19]” to “Visions of Moses, June 1830, in JSP, D1:150 [Moses 1]”.
Page 357, note 410. Change citations to “Revelation, 6 Dec. 1832, p. 327 herein [D&C 86]; Revelation, 27–28 Dec. 1832, p. 346 herein [D&C 88:1–126]; Revelation, 3 Jan. 1833, p. 348 herein [D&C 88:127–137]”.
Page 359, note 412, line 2. Change date of letter to “25 June 1833”.
Page 372, line 16. Add space after em-dash: “Jany. 14— 1833”.
Page 375, note 494, line 4. Add space after em-dash: “Zion,— and for the”.
Page 375, note 494. Citation should read “Letter to William W. Phelps, 11 Jan. 1833, pp. 367, 368 herein”.
Pages 385–530. A number of updates and changes have been made to the reference material. The updates correct factual errors, add additional information, and remove biographical information that, while possibly accurate, could not be documented in primary sources or the most reliable secondary sources. Because the reference material supports all published volumes and all documents published on the website, the Smith Papers staff will not keep a record of the specific changes made to each entry published in Documents, Volume 2. Readers should refer to the Reference section of the Joseph Smith Papers website to find the corrected and updated information.