Part 1: 2 February–30 March 1841

After the articles of incorporation for the city of , Illinois, were approved in December 1840, the turned their attention to developing the city. In early 1841 they acted on their newly acquired civic power by organizing the Nauvoo City Council and the . Prompted by a revelation of 19 January 1841, JS implored the Saints to begin construction on the and the . As the city expanded, complemented by these building projects, JS took measures to meet debt payments on the land he, , and had purchased for the church in August 1839. Through communications with his , JS also oversaw the settlement of debts that had been acquired during his time in , Ohio.
JS’s appointment as trustee-in-trust on 2 February 1841 established the church as a lawful religious society in . Though much of JS’s time was occupied with temporal matters, he continued to labor for the spiritual welfare of the Saints. In a variety of settings, including lyceum meetings and Sabbath-day meetings, JS delivered discourses—addressing topics such as for the dead, the temple, the necessity of the fall of Adam, and loyalty. JS also dictated a revelation in March that directed the Saints in to gather in , Iowa Territory, and to establish a city named .
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