Historian’s Office, Martyrdom Account

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June 26. The first words spoken in the morning were by Joseph enquiring who had the dream; one was told <​by ​>, which was listened to by all “Pourtrayed before my mind, was and his troops, on their way across the prairie to . The prisoners had plead <​intreated​> in vain to return with him, although <​he had​> promised by him to <​that they should​> go. With a letter of importance, I saw myself driven from , galloping through the masses of medley soldiers, half Indians and semibarbarians. I hurried across the Prairie— had gone down on a boat from towards ; but while landed at , awoke in the midst of Powder, smoke, death and carnage” Joseph replied “that is ominous of future events. I do not believe that the will ever take me to alive.”
7. A.M. Joseph and <​& the rest of the brethren​> eat <​took breakfast​> with , and <​and were then removed to the room up stairs​> <​Elders​> , , , , and eat <​in the debtor’s <​lower​> room​>
before 7. went to see the .
At 7½ , and <​, and​> went, and between <​were severally sent <​by Joseph​> with messages to​> [p. 27]
June 26.
7. A.M. Joseph & the rest of the brethren took breakfast with , and were then removed to the room up stairs
. went to see the .
At 7½ , , and , were severally sent by Joseph with messages to [p. 27]
Page 27