History, 1838–1856, volume E-1 [1 July 1843–30 April 1844]

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<​March 5.​> House of Representatives of , his native State; after setting forth in detail the sufferings of the Saints in and their expulsion from that , he concludes by a patriotic appeal which we copy.
“Your Memorialist comes to your honorable body, to tell you that the civil and religious liberties sought for and found by the pilgrims on Plymouth rock, and maintained by the blood of our fathers, have been sacrificed by relentless tyrants, upon the altar of jealousy. He comes to tell you, like Babylon of old, our nation is assailed by the jealous tyrant of mankind at one end; and that your assistance is wanted in the national Hall, in defence of the temple of freedom, erected by your fathers.— He comes to tell your honorable body, that the sons of his native are denied the liberty of conscience and the right of protection under the wide-spread wings of our national escutcheon, and that the blood of the patriotic heroes of the revolution who have been slain in for enjoying their religious rights, the boon of heaven to man, is crying from the ground; and with the dying groans of ravished females and infant innocence, are ascending with the prayers of the widows of the patriots of the revolution, into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. Yea, their blood, their groans, their tears and the prayers of suffering innocence, together with the prayers of your memorialist, are now crying in the ears of your honorable body, through this, my silent messenger, saying “redress”; redress the wrongs of your memorialist, and those of his brethren, and wipe disgrace from the stained banner of our national republic; and perpetuate the glorious laurels so nobly won to my native state, when on Bunker’s Hill, our fathers in unequal combat first sustained the shock, and dared assert the rights of man amidst the clatter of clashing steel, the blaze of arms, and the more deep-toned thunder of the tyrant’s cannon. May the departed spirits of the brave Warren and his associates, whisper in the ears of your honorable body, saying, redress the wrongs of the innocent; and maintain by legislation, those rights of man so dearly bought by our blood that flowed on Bunker’s height. Let not the names of a [John] Hancock and [John] Adams, written by their own hands, and attached to the declaration of independence, be obliterated or dimned by the slackness or timidity of the sons of .
Under all these circumstances your memorialist prays to be heard by your honorable body, touching all the matters of his memorial; saying to you, that except our prayers are heard, our rights restored and maintained, and ample redress made, as far as it can be by the legislative powers of the , the wrath of an offended God will be poured out upon the whole nation; and her statesmen and legislators shall be awakened from their dreams, by a voice in their ears, saying thou art no longer worthy to wield the destinies of the brave, noble, patriotic and virtuous sons and daughters of Columbia’s soil.
And as in duty bound your memorialist will ever pray Russell, Mass., Mar 5. 1844.
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March 5. House of Representatives of , his native State; setting forth in detail the sufferings of the Saints in and their expulsion from that , .
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