Journal, 1832–1834

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health with good prospects of doing good calculate to stay in till the Monday of next week then the Lord willing will start for home. left tuesday and arived at the Village of held meeting at candle lighting the evening was very bad snowing vehemently we were publickly opposed by a Wesleyen Methodist he was very tumultious but destitute of reason or knawledge he would not [p. 11]
health with good prospects of doing good. Calculate to stay in until the Monday of next week, then, the Lord willing, will start for home. Left Tuesday and arrived at the village of . Held meeting at candle lighting . The evening was very bad, snowing vehemently . We were publicly opposed by a Wesleyan Methodist . He was very tumultuous but destitute of reason or knowledge. He would not [p. 11]
Page 11