Lee County
Iowa Territory (now state)
United States of America

Lee County, Iowa Territory


First permanent settlement established, 1820. Organized 1837. Population in 1838 about 2,800; in 1840 about 6,100; in 1844 about 9,800; and in 1846 about 13,000. Following expulsion from Missouri, 1838–1839, many Saints found refuge in eastern Iowa Territory, especially near Montrose, Lee Co. Saints purchased about 20,000 acres of Half-Breed Tract in county, June 1839. Additional 30,000 acres purchased later. Iowa stake of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized, Oct. 1839. Stake later renamed Zarahemla. By Aug. 1841, stake had 750 members in nine branches. Stake dissolved, Jan. 1842. See also “,” “,” “,” and “.”