Palmyra Township
Wayne County
New York
United States of America

Palmyra Township, New York


First permanent white settlers arrived, ca. 1789. Included village of Palmyra. Erie Canal opened, 1825, in southern portion of township. Population in 1810 about 2,200. Population in 1830 about 3,400. Home of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith family, beginning 1817. Martin Harris also resided in township and financed printing of Book of Mormon by mortgaging his farm just north of village. JS reported first vision of Deity in grove of trees near his home, 1820, near border of Palmyra and Farmington (now Manchester) townships. JS also reported angelic visitation in Smith home, in which he learned of ancient scriptures inscribed on gold plates, 1823. Eight witnesses reported being shown plates by JS, summer 1829. Smith family left area, by late 1830. See also “.”