Joseph Smith’s Correspondence

Joseph Smith wrote to and received letters from a wide variety of people, including his wife Emma and other family members; church leaders and members; and politicians, attorneys, businessmen, and newspaper editors. A few of the outgoing letters are in his own hand, but most were either dictated to a scribe or written by an associate under his direction. In some cases, the sent letters were authored by a group of individuals that included Joseph Smith, such as the church presidency; similarly, in some cases the received letters were addressed to him and others. Some of the original letters have survived but in most cases the best versions available are early copies, such as the copies made in Joseph Smith’s two letterbooks. Some letters were transmitted not by hand but by publication in a newspaper.
The following index provides one way to access the Joseph Smith correspondence on this website. Correspondents are listed in alphabetical order by surname, with individual items of correspondence listed underneath the name. Unnamed correspondents appear at the end of the list, as do groups of people with whom Joseph Smith corresponded.
Other ways to access correspondence on this website are to perform a search using the keyword “letter” (without quotation marks) and the name of the correspondent; or to open the correspondent’s biographical sketch and look through the documents listed under the tab for “Papers”; or to browse through the list of documents in the Documents series looking for items with the word “letter” in the editorial title.
This index will be updated as additional Joseph Smith correspondence is published on this website.
Named Individuals
Adams, Caroline Youngs
Adams, George J.
Adams, Hannah
Adams, James
Adams, James M.
Adams, Lucian
Allen, Adolphus
Appleby, William
Armstrong, Sybella
Atchison, David R.
Babbitt, Almon
Bachman, George
Ball, Joseph
Ballantyne, Richard
Barney, Hiram
Barstow, D.
From D. Barstow, 16 May 1843
Beman, Alvan
Bennet, James Arlington
Bennett, John C.
Benson, Benjamin
Bent, Samuel
Bernhisel, John M.
Bias, Garret
Father Bigler
Bishop, Gladden
Blakeslee, James
Blennerhassett, Richard S.
Bonney, Amasa
Boosinger, George
Bosworth, Joseph
Brandon, George
Bratton, George W.
Brayman, Mason
Brooks, Justin
Brooks, Lester
Browder, J.
Brown, Samuel
Browning, Orville
Brunson, Seymour
Buell, Presendia Huntington
Burdick, Thomas
Burk, John
Burr, Amasa
Bushnell, Nehemiah
Butterfield, Justin
Cadett, William
Cahoon, Reynolds
Calhoun, John C.
Campbell, Martha
Carlin, Thomas
Carter, Jared
Carter, John S.
Cass, Lewis
Chase, Justus
Clark, Hiram
Clay, Henry
Clayton, William
Cleminson, John
Cleveland, John
Cleveland, Sarah Kingsley
Coe, Joseph
Coltrin, Zebedee
Comer, Samuel
Cook, Halsey
Cooper, Jeramiah
Cordon, Alfred
Corrill, John
Cowan, John
Cowdery, Oliver
Cowles, Austin
Curtis, John V.
Cutler, Alpheus
Cyrus, H. A.
Daley, Moses
Deming, Miner R.
Derby, Erastus
Doniphan, Alexander
Edgerton, J. F.
Emmons, Sylvester
Evans, George H.
Fidler, George
Fielding, Amos
Fielding, Joseph
Ford, Thomas
From Thomas Ford, 29 January 1844
Fosdick, J. G.
Foster, Robert D.
Foster, Sarah Phinney
Foster, Thomas W.
French, Newton
Frost, Samuel
Galland, Isaac
Gee, George
Gilbert, Sidney
Granger, Oliver
Grant, Jedediah M.
Greene, Evan
Greene, John P.
Griffey, William
Gurley, Zenas
Guthrie, Edwin
Hale, Jonathan H.
Hardeman, Glen
Harper, John
Harris, George W.
Harris, Martin
Haskins, Nathan
Haswell, Nathan B.
Hedlock, Reuben
Hess, Peter
Henry, George W.
Hewitt, John
Hewitt, Richard
Heywood, Joseph L.
To Joseph L. Heywood, 2 November 1843
Hickok, Luther W.
Higbee, Elias
Higbee, Francis M.
Higby, Myron
Hobard, Edward
Hollister, David S.
Hopper, S. C.
Horace, C.
Hotchkiss, Horace
Hughs, James
Hugins, Henry
Hunter, Edward
Hyde, Orson
Jackson, Jarvis M.
Jacobs, Udney H.
Jaques, Vienna
James, George
Jarvis, Fields
Jenks, Jacob W.
Jennison, Henry Q.
Johnson, Benjamin F.
From Benjamin F. Johnson, 16 April 1843
Johnson, Joel
Johnson, Joseph
Johnston, Edward
Jonas, Abraham
Jones, Dan
Keeler, Thaddeus, Sr.
Kesler, Frederick
Kimball, Heber C.
King, Austin A.
King, H.
Knight, Newel
Ladd, Amos
Lamb, Abel
Latson, John W.
Law, Wilson
Laws, John
Leal, Clark
LeBaron, Alonzo
Lee, John D.
Legare, Hugh
Littlefield, Lyman O.
Lotson, J. W.
Lugenbühl, J. J.
Mace, Fayette
Maginn, Eli
Malin Jr., Elijah
Manning, Egbert S.
Marks, William
Marsh, Thomas B.
Martin, Moses
Masquerier, Lewis
Maxwell, James
McBride, Reuben
McClanathan, Samuel
McClintock, Joseph
From Joseph McClintock, 14 February 1844
McCorkle, R. A. H.
McKee, John
McNeil, Daniel
Miles, A.
Miller, George
Millet, Artemus
Mills, John
Montague, John
Morley, Isaac
Morris, Isaac
Morton, John
Moss, Woodson
Nicholson, Eliza
Nicholson, James B.
Nickerson, Moses
Olney, Oliver
Orr, David
Page, John E.
To John E. Page, 9 April 1844
Parrish, Warren
Partridge, Edward
Patrick, Shepherd
Peirce, Robert
Perry, D. S.
Phelps, Sally Waterman
Phelps, William W.
Pine, Matthew
Pitt, J. D.
Pope, Nathaniel
Post, Stephen
Pratt, Orson
Pratt, Parley P.
Pratt, William
Randall, Alfred
Rawcliff, Thomas
Redfield, Harlow
Reid, Hugh T.
Richards, Jennetta Richards
Richards, Seth
Richards, Willard
Rigdon, Sidney
Ripley, Alanson
Robertson, Andrew
Robinson, George W.
Robison, Chauncey
Rockwell, Orrin Porter
Rogers, Isaac
Rogers, Peter
Ross, Stephen
Rupp, Israel Daniel
Sagers, Harrison
Savary, Richard
Saxton, Noah C.
Scobey, Almira Mack
Scott, Jacob
Seixas, Henrietta Raphael
Sirrine, Mephibosheth
Seymour, James H.
Shaw, Thomas
Shearer, Daniel
Simon, George
Slater, Peter
Sloan, James
Small, William
Smalley, Ellis
Smith, Agnes Coolbrith
Smith, Don Carlos
Smith, Emma
Smith, Hyrum
Smith, John (no relation to JS)
Smith, John (JS’s uncle)
Smith, Silas
Smith, William
Snow, Erastus
Southwick, Edward
Southwick, Wall
From Wall Southwick, 1 June 1844
Stathem, Isaac W.
Stollings, Jacob
Sturges, Levick
T., I.
Taylor, Frederick
Taylor, John
Tewksbury, Abijah
Thomas, David
Thomas, Jesse B.
From Jesse B. Thomas, 21 June 1844
Thompson, James
Thompson, Robert B.
Thornton, John
Tibbals, Samuel
Tippets, Alvah
Tippets, Joseph
Toner, James
Townsend, James
Tucker, Washington
Tuttle, Smith
Tyler, John
Vance, John
Wakefield, John R.
Walker, Joel Hamilton
Walton, John H.
Ward, Thomas
Warren, Calvin A.
Wasson, Lorenzo D.
Wear, J. C.
Weber, John B.
Weedgie, B. G.
Welch, Osee
Wentworth, John
White, Harrison
Whitlock, Harvey
Whitmer, John
Whitney, Elizabeth Ann Smith
Whitney, Newel K.
Whitney, Sarah Ann
Wight, Lyman
Wild, S. J.
Williams, Archibald
Williams, J. Wilson
Wilson, George C.
Winchester, Benjamin
Windt, John
Winters, Hiram
Withers, B. F.
Witter, Daniel
Wood, Joseph
Wood, William
Woods, James W.
Woodruff, Wilford
Worthyson, William
Wright, William
Wyckoff, R. T.
Young, Alphonso
Young, Brigham
Young, Richard M.
Zeigler, Lewis
From Unidentified Author, 15 February 1844
Groups of People and Unnamed Individuals
Quorum of the Twelve
Church Leaders and Members in New York
Church Leaders and Members in Ohio
Church Leaders and Members in Missouri
Church Leaders and Members in Illinois
Other Groups of Church Members
Editors of Newspapers
Letter to Editor of Washington (DC) Globe (Francis P. Blair), 15 April 1844
Other Groups
Letter to Gentlemen, 10 April 1844