Search Tips

The simplest way to use the search function is to enter one or more search terms into the search box, with spaces between words. If you are viewing a document when you click on the search box, a pull-down menu will appear on the right side of the box to give you the option of searching either within that document or across the entire site. Notice that as you type, the site will prompt you by displaying, below the search box, names of people, places, topics, and events found on the website. You can select any of the prompt words, or just finish typing your search terms.
The search results display on the left side of the screen. The search tool will return documents that include all of the words searched for. By default, results are sorted by relevance, meaning that documents with a higher frequency of the search terms, and with terms found closer together, will appear at the top. By using the “Sort by” pull-down menu on the upper right side of the screen, you can choose to sort results alphabetically or chronologically instead. A four-line preview is provided with each search result.
Note that any search automatically includes expanded and variant forms of the search terms. For example, searching for blessing will also return instances of bless, blesses, blessed, and blessings. Note that searches are not case sensitive, so searching blessing will also return instances of Blessing, and vice versa. As with most search engines, you can use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase, such as “pillar of light.”
You can refine any search by using “Refine search by” in the right column of the search page. The categories for narrowing are Type, Date, Glossary, People, and Places. Narrowing by type excludes documents in series or genres other than the one you have selected. Narrowing by people, places, and dates excludes documents that do not include the person, place, or date range you have selected. Clicking “Search transcripts only” will exclude reference materials, historical introductions, and other editorial material.
You can continue to narrow by additional categories if you wish. For example, if you have narrowed your search to include only the genre “Papers,” you could narrow further by including only those documents that include Oliver Cowdery and Independence, Missouri.
When you click on a search result, you are taken to the first page of the document. Your search term will be highlighted. Note that some of your results may appear in footnotes; click on the highlighted footnote markers to see them.