Account of Hearing, circa 16 December 1841 [Robinson v. C. Granger]

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Jurisdiction of <​this.—​> court
no right to Prope[r]ty.
deny his right To the property.—
issuing a <​superseedus [supersedeas]​> procedus to stay suit.
[illegible] has jursidict[io]n.—
decision of Jury; in Right of Possession— he has the Right of Possession— has nothing to do with.—
has no Jurisdiction— then any Citizen. may get the Timber.
has possession.— give no right.— prevent. his selling the Land. Legal Right. does not give him Jurisdiction.—
No Judication can here take place till the ownership—
any other man, cannot do it.— has no Claim.— circuit
the possession of Land never give a man a right to it.
Jury has given that land, it has been not & cannot be done—
all procedings clerd, when the case is appealed.——
— has a right to. take all the rails till the dispute is settld at the defiance of the court.— till the right is settld.—
did not set up the claim on Right of possession but had the right of the Land.— by Bond in Recepts— having paid for the La[n]d.— & mony. proved that he had made Lawful Tender [p. 1]
Right. Illegal means agist [against?] illegal means he would have a right to Bind him over—
unlawful for to take a Stick, & for — to threaten with a gun.—
Bonded to . Me.— a piece a Land. shall he come to take the timber
No. Sir.—
made a contract. & has Jurisdiction.— evry thing does is illegal.— trespass.—
— has no right any more than to fence his house his in the night.—
claims this on the <​ground.​> right to the Land.—— this court must take upon them to decide the right of the Land.—
— no Jurisdiction this side of the county court, till the case is decided in county court.
demand the Statute of the prosecution when the title is disputed.— & in the upper court.
have no plea before this court.— all is admitted on the part. of the Prosecution.— all we ask for.—
evry foul epithet again[s]t the defendant— has been used agai[ns]t. .— in the .——
neith[er] time nor place for this suit still after the decision.— [p. 2]
in our favor. if the highest court has commanded. all proceding to cease—
the same in the oth[er] case or party.—
very good. No.— I will not admit it.—
When a piece of Prope[r]ty is bonded away to hold possission, until dicision is had.—
Silver mine.— carry off all, before the decision can be had.—
Roof of his house or taking timber Bal[l] and chains its as shingles— of—
cannot tear down his house to expal [expel] his a family.—
may be worth nothing when the suit is decided— not one p◊◊◊◊— an orchard, or an oak tree.—
Put a stop to the trespass & depredation.—
◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ on the supposition that has a right of Property.—
Court.— it is obvious to my mind what course I have to pursue.— right of Property, Superseedus.—
To recognize the to prosecute till to final Judgment in doing right in one year.
Smith. prophecy in the name of Jo— Smith, that will get the decision in the higher courts.— & stake my reputation [p. [3]]