Account of Meeting and Discourse, circa 9 February 1841

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Next Meeting
I Hicks on prejedice & its Results first he Refered to the Maner of Mothers prejudiceing their Children in Infancy By telling faulseties & Cheating them—
Next Lorenzo the Benefits of such a Meeting or Schools— he treated on the Bumps also— [p. [9]]
Next father Cole on the fullness of the Gospel— on Cretecizms said the Body aught to be perfect Easy in a Natureal way free from being Cramped By Clinching the hands, & Gestures suitable aught to acompany, so that it May be More pleasing & of Wait— the speaker aught to give time between sentences tell his hearers Comprehends— & if they do not, Repeat it again— the Speaker aught to have that Much decernment, to know by the Countenances of his hearers when the do Comprehend his word or sentance— he says the eye aught to follow all apropreate Gestures By the hand or hands, highth width or Depth—
Joseph said in answer to [p. [10]] that adam Did Not Comit sin in [e]ating the fruit, for God had Dec[r]eed that he should Eat & fall— But in complyance with the Decree he should Die— only he should Die was the saying of the Lord therefore the Lord apointed us to fall & also Redeemed us— for where sin abounded Grace did Much More abound— for Paul says Rom.— 5— 10 for if— when were Enemys we were Reconciled to God by <​the Death of​> his Son, much more, being Reconciled, we shall be saved by his Life— [p. [11]]